The US economy raises 313,000 jobs in February, crises expectations


The February job report has been excluded and it is a huge defeat.

According to Labor Statistics, non-profit salary in February reached 313,000 and unemployment rate remained stable at 4.1 percent. In the last three months, the average earnings of employment is 242,000 per month. Since February 2016, the PPP got the biggest benefit.

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Fifth fast month has been marked on February, unemployment rate is 4.1 percent, which is the lowest level since December 2000. Economists hoped that during the next month of the second month, the report to show non-profit wages in the next month would reduce the unemployment rate. 4%.

Labor growth was a disappointment, compared to last month 0.1 percent increased and 2.6 percent increased. Both the numbers were less than expected. According to Bloomberg’s estimates, economists showed that average-hour income increased by 0.2% in the first month and 2.8 percent in the previous year.

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Labor figures were the biggest attention to the investors before this report, as the increase rate in the rise is seen as an increase in inflation, which allows the Federal Reserve to aggressively exceed the expectations of markets. The rate was increased.

According to the report, the stock had increased by 150 points, or 0.6 percent in the future, while the future of S & P 500 increased by 0.5 percent in the future and 0.6 percent in the fictional future increased.

And in the same way the workers were frustrated, in this report a bright spot was the participation of labor force, which was 63% up to 62.7%, the figure has grown in the years of the figure.

The labor force’s participation has led to the reduction in the US labor market for years, and the rise in February shows that the worker remains still in search of those who are behind the financial crisis in the market.

Indeed, Benazir Bhutto, on Friday, said that employment-related proportion for the age-old workers – or 25-5 years – is more than 79.3%, more than mid-2008.

And similarly, jobs in January probably have feared in the market that the hard-working market will become undesirable in infrastructure, the February report shows that even the workers’ pool can be pulled into a defender’s worker. .

“The February job report was fully signed with a rapid increase in strong development and labor force participation in a completely salary job,” said a Neil Renaissance, a specialist at the Renson Macro.

“At the labor force, it is less important to increase the speed of the campaign to strengthen its rate,” Datta added. “There is still room to run in this laborer’s recovery.” The unemployment rate is flat. It’s a good thing now. ”

By the industry, construction was built, in February, 61,000 jobs were generated in this sector, more than 2007. The manufacturing salary was also bright, thus in February the sector consisted of 31,000 jobs.