One of the quintessential part of having a modern home or contemporary office is a glass door. Close your eyes and imagine the poise of a place where natural light is beaming inside the premises. Isn’t it a good sight. A lot of offices prefer glass doors and windows to be a part of the green building initiative and harness natural sunlight.

Glass is a preferred choice because of aesthetics, sustainability, etc. While choosing the right kind of door is important, it is equally important to choose the right glass door accessories.

 Importance of Selecting the Right Accessory

Until and unless you are opting for some high grade expensive glass, remember that glass is a fragile thing and it is the right accessory that hold it in place. Some important accessories to consider are patch fittings, floor springs, etc. We will look at the available accessories in our next section.

The Encyclopaedia of Glass Door Accessories

So, you now know that you have to select the right accessory. But, before making the selection, you should know all about the available accessories and this section will cover all that the glass door accessory manufacturers have to offer.

  • Patch Fittings: The patch fittings help hold the door in place and work smoothly. These are available in various finishes and are made of durable material. The most preferred material is stainless steel because of it robustness. Also, these fittings are crafted to be fitted at different angles to achieve desirable look.
  • Floor Springs: As the name suggests, these act as a functionary. It is fixed on the floor and helps in the opening and closing of the door. Floor springs are usually available in two styles: concealed and opened. The concealed floor spring look more elegant whereas the open one looks smart. Pick the style that you think works with your interiors.
  • Handles: You don’t need to know the function that handles serve in a door. But, yes, in glass doors, the fitting of handles is different and therefore not any handle would fit on a glass door. These are handles available in different finishes and styles and these are exclusive to glass doors.
  • Sliders: A lot of building prefer having sliding doors instead of traditional doors that need a designated area to open and close. These slides need a path to work on an when you are choosing a glass door, the slides would also differ and commonly many sliding door systems are available for you to choose from.
  • Locks: Although a lot of commercial and residential complexes have full-time security and a lock is not really needed. But, at times, you might need a lock. If that is the case, there are specialized locks for glass doors with special concealed fittings.

Choosing the right accessory will give longevity to your glass doors. Make the most of natural light, have a great space, and add value to your interiors with classy glass accessories which you can get easily from your nearby retailer.



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