Psychologists and clients work together. The right combination and empathy are extremely important. This analysis is done once the credentials of the psychologist and competence are already known and established. A good relationship with your psychologist is critical. Choose one with whom you feel comfortable and at ease. You need Richard Lipman psychologist if you have felt signs of anxiety, depression and tension in the shoulders. If you have presented problems (with my work, my marriage, to eat, to sleep, etc).


Questions To Ask From The Psychologist When Make The Decision:

Is this a psychologist accredited to the Regional Council of Psychology? How many years has this professional been practicing clinical psychology? This question is different from the training time. Some professionals graduate bachelors in psychology and begin their career in the organizational area. Some work in HR of companies, hospitals and public agencies. Training time is different from clinical experience.

Check what experience the psychologist in question has to help you with these types of problems. What are your areas of expertise – for example, do you work with children or couples? What types of treatments he uses and whether they have proven effective in dealing with his current type of problem. What is your price range? Values ​​are usually based on a session from 45 minutes to 50 minutes. How many weekly sessions will be needed and for how long? What types of insurance does the psychologist accept?

Work Of Psychologists:

A lot of health insurance covenants offer coverage for mental health services. If you have a private health insurance coverage (usually through an employer), check with your plan if therapy sessions are covered and, if so, how you can get those benefits. Find out what the procedure is for reimbursing the sessions and how much the insurance company will reimburse for psychological services and what limitations on the use of benefits can apply. Clinical schools from various universities and training schools also work with psychosocial services.


Credentials To Look For:

In addition to a bachelor’s degree in psychology, it is important to note if this professional has kept up to date. Richard Lipman psychologist is constantly developing, studying, specializing and seeking new knowledge.  In this sense, the Code of Professional Ethics of the Psychologist, in item IV of its Fundamental Principles, says that the psychologist will act with responsibility, through continuous professional improvement.

Check out which school this psychologist graduated. What specialization courses you have already taken. If you chose strict sense courses as master’s and doctorate. If you are a professional who has publications, try to read some text produced by him.

It is also very important that the clinical psychologist do his personal therapy and be accompanied by a supervisor. Supervision is recommended even for experienced and mature professionals, not just for newly trained psychologists. Constant development, personal therapy, and clinical supervision form the sustaining tripod for a trained and responsible psychologist.