Real estate agents and realtors often have one goal in mind when they think of marketing – leads. With changing landscape of the industry, just networking isn’t enough, and that’s exactly where digital real estate marketing comes in the picture. Ideally, online promotions should be a mix of organic and paid strategies, and in this regard, local SEO is of utmost importance. In this post, we will review the top keys that matter for local SEO with regards to real estate.

1. Being unique. It is more than important to be organic with SEO. You need to be unique and offer something more than just ads. That’s what the best marketing experts have been doing for their clients, because the idea is to share content and value with the targeted segment and give them something to hang on.

2. Focusing on keywords. We all know that keyword research is an important aspect of SEO, but it gains more prominence in local SEO. You don’t want to focus your campaign around keywords that don’t reach your audience. If you are not sure of how to get ahead, find a company that specializes in local SEO for real estate.

3. Create headlines that matter. Even when your content is great and loaded with facts, you may not get enough readers, simply because the headline wasn’t good enough. Write something that creates interest and generates response. Being a little quirky and unique can also help in improving reach of each content.

4. Content is still the king. By content, we are not talking about reused and boring articles. If you want to survive in the local market with SEO, you need engaging, new and fresh content, and for that, paying a tad more to the copywriters isn’t a bad deal. With regards to content, four aspects matter – timing, collaboration, headlines, and social media. When you want to make the most of local SEO, you must use social media marketing for real estate effectively.

5. Focus on on-site SEO. You need to ensure that the address, name and number of your business are same everywhere and included in every page, because you never know when a client may think of contacting you. On-site SEO can be managed effectively by marketing gurus, who keep a track of relevant elements and update the portal as required.

The need for a mobile-friendly website

More than 35% of the internet searches are initiated on a mobile device or tablet, so if you are doing local SEO, you better ensure that the website is designed for all devices and browsers. Marketing and SEO will only work when all the things work together. Agents also need to understand that local SEO isn’t same as national SEO. If you are trying to woo customers from one segment, you have to focus on getting reviews, local news and information that may seem relevant to them.

Check online now to find real estate digital marketing services and don’t forget to ask their process of local SEO before you hire them for the job!