Why Xamarin scores high as a framework for cross platform mobile app development?


In today’s gen, the mobile-only strategy is rapidly being embraced by small and large enterprises, as the rising need for mobile app development services has far overtaken the demand for desktop solutions. It is usually carried out on Windows, iOS, and Android platforms but for enterprises, there was one problem that native mobile app development impersonated. The foray of cross-platform mobile development came into existence when building same applications for a different purpose in various platforms had operational difficulties and was not economically feasible. For modern business, cross-platform mobile development has become essential for current companies, with the global market share of mobile platforms changing at frequent intervals.

Xamarin mobile app development – one of the front-running cross-platform framework, seems to be the best alternative when it comes to creating a single application. Access to native APIs amid many others, reusable code base, cost-efficiency are several benefits that Xamarin mobile app development supplies businesses. For most of the developers, this platform becomes easier to swiftly make the same mobile app functional across multiple platforms by using C# programming language.

Across the world, there is plenty of companies using Xamarin for cross-platform mobile application development. Let’s understand the reason why it is being used by many companies?

Xamarin mobile app development delivers Compiled Code

Xamarin mobile app development

Xamarin uses a single code, making it easier for the business to reduce supporting and updating the mobile app. Which means you don’t require to spend time in pulling out separate codes for different app platforms. The compiled code delivered by Xamarin is high-performing and dynamic and can entirely access all native APIs. As a result, for developers, it becomes easier to create apps that provide device-specific experiences across different mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.

Coding in C#

Xamarin uses a single code, making it easier for the business to reduce supporting and updating the mobile app.

The programing language C# provides several features to effectuate mobile app development as a modern, object-oriented, and general-purpose. For Xamarin cross-platform app development these feature of C# programming language reduces coding efforts significantly.  With the use of C#, the developers can accomplish all tasks that can be performed using Java and Objective-C.

For example:

To support a variety of data store including SQL Server databases and XML documents, C# programmers can use Language integrated queries (LINQ). Similarly, to write async code cleanly and straightforwardly coding in C# is considered to be the best programming language.

Access to Native API

In iOS, Android and other platforms, Xamarin for cross-platform mobile app development bids developers complete access to native APIs. For those who want to build multiple applications on numerous OS for quite a few brands or purpose, the native API poses as an ideal choice. It helps in launching quick to market apps by saving and efforts of developers.

There is plenty of reason why companies are using Xamarin for cross-platform mobile application development. It is one platform that provides maximum benefit for building native mobile apps at fractional costs. As a cross-platform mobile development Xamarin helps most of the enterprises to diminish cross-platform mobile app development time and value, it has encouraged many outsourcing organizations and mobile development to adopt it. Hence, curtail both development time and cost by outsourcing the cross-platform mobile app development project to a trustworthy mobile app development company.

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