Given the current state of the US economy, it’s not surprising that many potential RV buyers are choosing used vehicles over new models. After all, a factory-fresh motor home is a big investment, and plenty of used ones are available for a fraction of the cost. But just because they are buying a pre-owned vehicle doesn’t mean customers will accept an RV in any condition. People expect value for money, and they automatically veer towards the best deal online. Therefore, to sell your RV for cash, you’ve got to sweeten the pot; and nothing impresses buyers more than a vehicle that appears as good as new.

Now, cleaning an RV is a fairly simple and inexpensive process, but the problem begins when you discover black, musty-smelling patches both outside and inside your motor home. That’s mildew – a kind of mold growing in dark and damp surroundings – and it is notoriously difficult to clean. Not only do you need to remove the stains, you also have to kill the fungus to stop it from recurring. The moment customers see such ugly smears, they’ll want to rethink the entire deal unless you find a way to sort out the problem quickly. Thankfully, there is a way to rid your vehicle of mildew stains effectively.

Focus on Cleaning the Interiors First

When you take your RV out of storage after a long period, chances of encountering a mildew infestation are high. That’s because mildew thrives in dark, damp areas that have been closed or covered for extended durations. This is also the reason why most mildew stains are found on the inside of the vehicle, and why you should begin your cleaning activities there. Start by drying out the inside of your vehicle. Open all the doors, windows, and pop-out sections to let the sun in.

Getting Rid of Mildew Stains from Your Furnishings

If there is any mildewed upholstery, like mattresses, pillows, and cushions, expose them to the sunlight first and then strip off the covers so they can be vacuumed.

Mix one gallon of water with a quarter cup of bleach, and then spray the solution on the furnishings. Leave it on for a few minutes, and then scrub the stains using a brush. Once you’re done, dry the mattresses and cushions in the sun.

Other stained cushion covers and fabrics must be washed with hot water and laundry detergent thoroughly, and then left out in the sun to dry.

Cleaning the Other Parts of Your RV

Remove mildew stains from the vehicle interiors using a solution of equal parts water and bleach. Rub this mixture into vinyl and wood surfaces, showers, and sinks using a soft brush or cloth, and rinse properly. All interior surfaces in the RV need to be wiped dry with a soft piece of cloth.

Removing Mildew Stains from the Exterior

Make sure you close all the doors and windows of your motor home before you start cleaning the awnings and pop-ups on the outside. Use a hose to clean the canvas properly. If some stains persist on the body of your RV, use a bleach-water solution and a brush or a piece of cloth to wipe it clean.

When it’s sunny outside, leave your RV open so that it dries completely. Keep your door and windows open. Spread the awnings and the pop-up sections and let them dry completely.

If the staining on any canvas parts of your vehicle is too severe, the treatment described above might not work. In that case, replacement might be your only option.

The decision to sell your RV for cash is a good one, but only if you’re willing to put in the effort to present your vehicle in the best light possible. And ridding your RV of mildew stains is a necessary part of that process. The task might be time-consuming, but it will go a long way in impressing your potential buyers and helping you seal the deal.