Going on Long Drive in your car can be fun, but any problems in your car can spoil your trip. Problems could arise due to the non-maintenance and servicing of the car for long periods. When you plan to go on a vacation to your favorite place in your car, it is essential to get it serviced.

Although, servicing your car is not required by law, however servicing it before going on a holiday trip is essential for the safety and enjoying the problem free rides. There are a number of reasons to get your car serviced before you depart for your holiday trip.

Servicing offers Safety

Servicing your car right before you leave for your vacation helps to detect the potential problems before they get bigger and put you in serious trouble. Your car company makes the essential check of all the systems and vital components to ensure trouble-free rides for the next few months. Even if you feel that the car is running good, it does not it doesn’t mean that everything is working as well as it should be.

The vacation trips are usually long route trips which lead to more wear and tear and deterioration of fluids in the car. Your car may run perfectly in the city, but it may cause problems on long route due to running for longer times.  Servicing your car in advance ensure a problem free holiday trip for your family.

Lowers the Maintenance Cost

You might feel that you don’t need to get your car serviced as it is too early according to the previous service. Also, some people think of servicing the car as a waste of money; however it is a false economy. For example, the engine oil needs to be changed every 6000 km (OR as recommended by the car manufacturer), but failing to change the oil can lead to seizing of engine parts.

The maintenance cost of repairing the engine costs you thousands of dollars. It is better to change the oil before you go for a holiday trip as it protects your engine from wear and heat due to long hours of running. Any other component that needs repair may stop working during the trip which may put you in serious trouble. Servicing helps to identify such components in advance and repair or replace them to avoid any problems during the trip.

Tires for Better Grip

Tires are the important parts of a car as they provide balance, speed and safety to the vehicle and passengers sitting inside. If your tires are partially or completely worn, you need to replace them immediately. Some people run their car on the worn tires to save a few dollars, but it can be dangerous. Driving your car on worn tires can lead to tire skids and ineffective braking which can be dangerous and lead to accidents.

Although the tire replacement is not an essential part of regular car servicing, however, it is essential for the safety of your family. The weather conditions are not same in the holiday destinations. If you have planned to spend your vacation on a hill station, the snowfall may make it difficult to drive the car. The new tires will ensure a better grip and offer safe braking in all road conditions.

Enhanced Car Performance

Servicing the car involved the change of fluids and engine oil, which ensures the smooth running of engine components, enhanced braking and clutch performance. Moreover, the cleaning of the carburettor and other parts provides the proper functioning which increases the performance of your car by 15 to 20 percent. You should also check your windscreen to have clear visibility while driving. In case of any cracks or chips, you should get it repaired from a reputed windscreen repairs brisbane agency. Dragon Autoglass experts at windscreen replacement and auto glass repair.

Good Fuel economy

Servicing involves the washing and cleaning of vital components such as carburettor of fuel injection system. Moreover, the replacement of engine oil ensures the smooth functioning of engine components. The cleaner parts and smooth engine functioning lead to an increase in fuel economy. It is often seen that the fuel economy of a car increases by 10 to 15 percent after a service. However, the mileage depends on many other factors such as driving habits and road conditions. Servicing the car and running the car at an average speed will ensure good mileage on your trip.


These are the major reasons for servicing your car before going on holidays. However, there are many other benefits of servicing your car such as good climate control, enhanced visibility, and enhanced life of components. Servicing your car before going on a vacation will ensure good safety, high performance and problem free rides while you enjoy the holidays with your family.

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