There are few bikes on Indian roads that are as iconic and as timeless as the Yamaha RX100. Even though this bike launched way back in the 90’s, people still adore it and swear by the raw performance that you could get out of this thing. The RX 100 was an attempt to grab back market that was long with its predecessor, the Rajdoot 350.

It was a peppy little runabout that was cheap to run and easy to maintain, so much so that it found itself a niche DIY market even years after its official sales ended. That brings us on to the meat of the topic, why should you consider restoring your RX 100 instead of selling it away or letting it live out the last of its days, rusting away in some corner of your garage.

There are a lot of reasons as to why restoring your old Yamaha RX 100 might be one of the best decisions that you could have taken, I’ll narrow a few of them down and hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll see why it was a brilliant idea. So let’s start:

  1. Resale Values: Even if your RX 100 isn’t in the best condition, it’ll still fetch a very commendable price should you choose to sell it in the enthusiast community, considering that it is essentially a nearly 30 year old bike. It is also popular among online auctions and the right bidder could fetch you a decent price. A mint condition RX100 could easily fetch you upwards of Rs.30000 from the right buyer.
  2. Engine Mods:The RX 100 is notorious for its reliability. Even today, examples of the RX 100 can be found running that hasn’t had too much work put into it. The 98cc Two Stroke engine produces a very modest 11hp with 10.50nm of torque but it can be tweaked further with engine porting, expansion chambers and other aftermarket engine mods.
  3. Cult Following: The RX 100 is one of those Indian bikes that have the cult following going for it, much like the Royal Enfield’s of old. These are famous for showroom like restorations or even bringing it up to date with various mods and aftermarket parts. A well-kept RX100 is nothing short of a beauty and could be kept as a memorial of the old days, even if you don’t intend to use it.
  4. Lots of 3rd party spares: Since the RX 100 has an enormous mod community; there is virtually no shortage of parts even years after its production ended officially. Thanks to these, you have the ability to customise the bike to your liking, maybe even update it to look new or even restore it to factory condition if enough time is put into it. Imagination is the limit to making these old bikes come back to life with tasteful modifications that not only enhances performance, but also brings it up to date or throwback to the café racer days of old.

Bottom-line, if you own one of these, then it might have been the best purchase decision that you had made. Restore it, it deserves the love.

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