Vehicle Antitheft system

These day’s vehicle robbery cases are higher than any other time, it has gotten to be fundamental to give a vehicle a superb security with the main solid hostile to burglary gadget. Every day, more than 40 vehicles get stolen in Delhi. The city accounts for 9.7% of motor vehicle thefts in the country, second only to the much larger states of Uttar Pradesh (14.1%) and Maharashtra (12.7%), says the latest National Crime Records Bureau report.
At 87.6 per one lakh population, Delhi also has a much higher rate as compared to the national rate of 12.5. Only 20% of these stolen vehicles are recovered, say cops. In 2011, 14,668 motor vehicles were stolen in Delhi, which is a marginal decrease from 2010’s figure of 14,966. While 9,203 of these vehicles were two-wheelers, 5,050 were cars. Only about 2,957 of these vehicles were recovered, show Delhi Police statistics.  Delhi Police has been sending out advisories to the public through advertisements and leaflets requesting vehicle owners to buy security gadgets. Repeat offenders are also a big reason for the alarming increase in motor vehicle thefts 7 Tips to Design a Smart iOS Mobile App.

How to make your vehicles secure

The solution currently available in the market are very expensive and they are also not smart. There are several types of locks available in the market which can be easily be hacked/cut down by an ordinary thief. There are alarms which can be easily disconnected. One more disadvantage of those alarms is that they also react on false vibration even if a dog touches your vehicle.

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is an answer for a spot, track and secure your resources. It is intended for exact and ongoing following and reporting of your vehicle(s), regardless of where it is placed. These vehicle tracking systems consist of a GPS and GSM modem which talks to the cloud servers and further this data is sent to the mobile phone application after various data manipulation and complex calculations. These GPS vehicle tracking system can be installed in any hidden place such as under dashboard, under roof, under backseat or any hidden place. One can also switch off their vehicle’s engine with the help of a mobile app. If someone tries to disconnect that system it will send a notification to the smartphone that someone is trying to disconnect the device and you can easily take action accordingly.

From where you can buy a GPS vehicle tracking system

 Most of the vehicle trackers available in the market are not accurate. They do not update vehicle’s data in real time in other words there refresh rate is not good. One more problem is that the app which they give along with their device is also not user-friendly. These apps are very difficult to understand and UI and UX of those apps are also not good. Most of these apps are Chinese apps and sold by small GPS tracking service providers.
Sam GPS Security system is India’s popular GPS tracking brand these days. To build quality of their device they install the best app in the industry and their app is also designed and developed by top designers and coders in industry. The app is very user-friendly and even a small kid can understand that app in seconds. Their servers are working on cutting-edge cloud technologies so that you can get smooth experience in the app. The refresh or update rate of vehicle’s location is best in class. You can your vehicle moving anytime from anywhere. Sam GPS security is known for its best Onsite support where their expert technician installs the device at their doorsteps.  It also shows the top 5 stoppages of the day so you can see where your vehicle was in the whole day and where it has wasted time. You can buy this on Flipkart at affordable prices. Sam GPS security system is suitable for both your family and business needs. You can keep track on your driver and analyse there daily/weekly/monthly performance Information Technology Courses In World’s Largest Open University.

Key features – 
1. GPS tracking – Live to track your vehicle on the Mobile app and be aware of its Location.
2. Daily History – Watch full day driving history and key driving points such as stoppages in just 20 secs.
3. Analyse Performance –  Analyse travel daily / weekly / monthly history with the help of Smart analytics graphs (Total distance, Runtime, idle time, max speed, average speed, stoppage time)
4. Engine access – Switch on/off your vehicle’s engine with one finger swipe.
5. Set Geofences – Define areas and get notified when the vehicle enters/exits those areas.
6. Alerts – Get alerts in case of over speed of the vehicle.
7. Fleet administration – Fleet administration and armada following.