Tyres are the most essential elements of any vehicle, be it a two-wheeler, three-wheeler or four-wheeler. With the increase in the number of motorised vehicles and bikes, there is also a huge increase in the number of motorcycle tyre suppliers and motorcycle tyre dealers in Delhi and other parts of the county in the tyres manufacturing industry. Generally tyres manufacturers manufacture tires for all types of vehicles and in many a time they are specialised in a particular category of car or bike. There are too many manufacturing houses offering wide range and variety. You have a bike and not very sure which brand of tire would be good for your bike and your ride. You are also not sure when should you discard the tire on use. Here we will explain you when should you decide to change your motorcycle tire and what should you look for when you have to get a good quality and high performing tire for your motorcycle?

Here are a couple of things to inspect if it’s been a while using the tyre:

Age & Tread Depth

Whatever be the tread wear, it is the rule of thumb that no tyres should be used beyond 5 years. It is suggested by many experts that tires life is over in 5 years after its date of manufacturing. But many also suggest that it is safe to extend it to 10 years, if the main features are not affected. Best is to get it checked at the nearby by garage from time to time. Removing all the doubts, nowadays manufacturers incorporate wear bars that run across the tread. If you see you find the wear bars vanishing with the tread, it’s time for you to replace them. The tread should be at least 2/32” in any area. If you are not sure about your findings better you take an experts opinion.

Cracks, Cuts and Punctures

Do make it a habit to check your tyres before starting your ride. Look for cracks, cuts and other damages in the sidewalls & tread. If tyres are exposed to sunlight for a long time they can produce cracks and other form of damages. Similarly, regular checks of cuts or punctures in your tire are very necessary to avoid any level of untoward event.

Pressure, Wear & Tear

It is essential that you get the pressure of your tyres checked from time to time. If you find air is disappearing too often then it might be leaking from somewhere, due to wearing out of bead. If your tire is worn out then you can easily feel it while on ride. If your bike is vibrating, pushing, pulsating or you feel any unnatural sensation while riding, most probably it would be due to the wearing of your tires.
Last but not the least, if you are still not convinced on what to buy and finding yourself confused, better you taken an advice of an expert who can help you buy a good quality tire.