The Significance Of The Little Shapes On Car Bumpers


Most passenger cars contain tow hooks. These provisions are very important as they ensure that vehicles don’t get damaged as they are pulled. They also facilitate easy transportation by automakers.  At the front and rear ends of a car are small circles and squares like potato chips. They are found at the bumper covers and you could be wondering what they are for. Here are the explanations.


  • The little squares

At the lower fascia of the 2008 dodge ram 1500 rear bumper, a plastic square covers a weld nut. This weld nut is an important section of the bumper beam and it offers an allowance for tow eye. It is found at the trunk area, very close to the spare tire. During towing the hole in the bumper cover accommodates a tow eye. With a simple push, this accessory pops out immediately to reveal a weld nut. Then the tow eye is connected to yank the vehicle. In some places, they are not really required by the law but have something to do with transportation needs and market demands.

  • Cars with low seats

In these cases, there is insufficient clearance to access the chassis component for towing, anchorage, or recovery. The only solution is a threaded anchor that allows attachment of straps and prevents damage of the 2008 dodge ram 1500 rear bumper cover. Some cars have access to the chassis, in which case straps are attached to a front stamping frame during shipping.


  • Tow points for trucks

Trucks are different. Though they have similar requirements to those of other vehicles, the ground line and Stramotas angles should be considered. During towing, the straps should clear the body lines to avoid possible damages. Some parts of the truck might need to be taken off for ease of access.


Hopefully, this post answers your questions about the small shapes in your 2011 dodge ram 1500 rear bumper. Now you understand that they are plastic covers that hide threaded nuts. These tow points are very essential for both car owners and automakers and are required by the law.