Summer road trips require certain considerations for motorcyclists. Riders naturally need helmets and all season motorcycle jackets, but there are plenty of other ways to prepare for a big trip before embarking.

Review Insurance First

Before taking off on a fun trip, you should review your motorcycle’s insurance policy. You do not want to ride if your insurance has lapsed, and you should ensure your policy covers the full cost to replace your bike in the event it becomes totaled.

Use the “SEE” Strategy

“SEE” stands for search, evaluate and execute. A few steps can increase the amount of time you have to react to sudden changes in the road, including:

  • Following the speed limit
  • Avoiding weaving through lanes
  • Using your turn signal all the time
  • Giving yourself plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you

Dress Safely

When deciding what to wear, you should think about what is safest and not what is most fashionable. In addition to helmets, you also want plenty of bright clothing, so other motorists can see you at night. You also want to wear gloves, boots and long sleeves.

Remain Alert

Staying alert requires you to always drive sober. Never get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Even if you do not drink, you should still take frequent breaks on your road trip to pull off to the side of the road to rehydrate.

Avoid Driving in Poor Weather

You should delay the trip if rain is on the forecast. Even if you consider yourself a competent driver, driving in the rain means you have reduced visibility and increased risk of hydroplaning. It may be best to wait until weather conditions improve.

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