Many people usually have a perception in their mind that by reading books, one can become smarter. But that is not the case. In some cases, it could be, but there are many other activities that can help increase the intelligence level and make you witty. What matters the most, is the way you approach certain situations. You don’t need rocket science to become ingenious, rather, it’s a bit of commitment with yourself that can take you a long way. To help you more, we have penned down 7 essential habits that you can adopt in your daily life to become smarter as an individual. Let’s get started:

  1. Be a Curious Questioner: The biggest enemy of your knowledge is illusion rather than ignorance. Since childhood, every one harbors an inquisitiveness to know about the world. However, as time passes and one grows older, the curiosity to discover new things fades away. It’s vital to ask questions that pop in your head every day, as it is the key that leads to success when you discover new things.
  2. Become an Avid Reader: “Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.” Yes, reading does help in leading a healthy life. When you start reading books every day, you accrue priceless knowledge from it. Ultimately, it expands your mind and allows you to think actively. Abraham Lincoln was the son of a poor farmer who couldn’t afford to go to school but was able to read book he could lay his hands upon. This is how he became a wise personality.
  3. Pursue Your Interests: Try to accomplish desires that you have been longing for but couldn’t do so. It could be anything like learning how to cook, sing, dance or any other pursuit that kindles your interest. Doing so will not only help you become productive but will keep your mind cool and tumbling into a furrow.
  4. Seek Mindful People: Look for mindful people around you, as they have more information and knowledge to share. You can learn a lot of things from them and become smarter by feeding your brain. Although it is not very easy to find such people, but once you have them around, you have limitless possibilities to grow.
  5. Make Exercise Your Utmost Priority: Apart from eating healthy food, it’s important to keep your body healthy. Make it your habit to exercise daily even if you are short of time. Maintain a good routine of eating, sleeping and of course, exercising. Remember, if your body is sore, you won’t look mentally active nor would you be able to look smart and presentable when you need to be.
  6. Meditate your Mind: Your body and brain need to recharge every day. Of course, sleeping does help in attaining both, but apart from that, mediation can work wonders for you. Make it your habit to mediate daily to relax your mind. Try to avoid thinking of difficult situations that trouble your mind. The more your mind is stress free, the smarter you become.


  1. Play Games to have a Constructive Mind: Last but not the least, to have a constructive mind and think smartly, involve yourself in games. Playing games like crossword, Sudoku, online rummy can help improve your mind skills and speed up your thought process, thus making your smart in handling different situations of life. In order to play these games well, you need to rack your brains hard.


The Gist

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” Adopting these little habits in your daily life can make your tomorrow worth living. So, don’t wait, make these influential habits a part of your daily routine and feel the difference in you.