Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is about management and integration of various business units. Some people think that there is nothing complicated about small businesses. Every function tends to require the management’s hand for it to succeed, which can be hectic. Think of finance, inventory, sales, human resources and many others. ERP implementation in such a business would yield massive benefits. Let’s look at some of those benefits.

Information Synergy

When you want information about a specific aspect of your business, you should get it effortlessly. Sound ERP services come with complete databases for your business, which include every department. If you need something about HR, you go straight into that database. With such information symmetry, every business decision becomes a walk in the park. If you don’t have information, you’ll undoubtedly make costly errors of judgment that will translate into losses.

Human Resource Productivity

The human resource function is costly. Small companies have to scale on employee acquisitions, which can stretch the workforce to the limit. ERP for small businesses makes every task easy. You can also make communication from one department or level of management perfect. ERP also defines roles and functions correctly, which means no one can do what he or she is not supposed to do.

The outcome is a streamlined operational efficiency that ensures zero redundancies or duplication of duties. Employees are more productive than before, and on the overall, the company achieves its goals using the least possible overheads.

Improves Business Insight

Think of ERP for small businesses as a big data brother. The system is designed to collect and store business information. This information includes customers, suppliers, sales, inventory and many other streams of business information. All this information is retrievable at your convenience. Using ERP services, small businesses can clean, analyze and present the information in the form of business insights. Some ERP service providers include analytics, which can give your business unique ideas and opportunities.


Cost Savings

ERP implementation is about bringing the ‘organism’ aspect of a business. You want it to be alive. The first service that small businesses acquire is a software solution for finance. As they grow, they procure more services along the way. Eventually, they may have up to 10 service providers all offering to streamline their day-to-day functions.

An ERP integrates all those departmental functions into one breathing organism. You will pay for one service that can harmonize your finances, track inventory, register sales, update payroll, etc. You are billed once for all of those services.

You will save a lot of resources — monetary, time or otherwise. Every cost translates in the bottom-line — in this case, positively. Your small business can focus on growth and not the redundancies and inefficiencies common among companies that have not embraced ERP.


Get Started with ERP Services Today

With the advent of SaaS, ERP is no longer a preserve for big companies; it is becoming affordable to install and maintain. Enjoy ERP implementation for small businesses, and you will not regret that choice.