Published On: Fri, Feb 17th, 2017

Electrical Wires – Why Are They So Important in India?

Wires acts as the medium of connection between the electrical circuit and the electronic device. Without wires there’s no other way that we can get electricity in different parts of our premises. Their importance is extra ordinary. With its basic use the manufacturing of wires are done on large scale as they are required both in domestic and industrial use.

The popularity and basic need is what makes electrical wire manufacturers India very important as they are the reason behind the regular and quality supplies of various wires catering to different needs. Electrical wire manufacturers India have indulged themselves in manufacturing different kinds of wires as single type can’t satisfy the need of all works. In household purposes usually normal wires are used with ranging between 5mm to 15mm whereas in industrial use this might go up to 50mm. The wire quality and strength basically depends upon the load it needs to bear and whether the electronic meter is for domestic or commercial use.

Common Types of Wires

  • Flexible Wires: These wires are mainly used in domestic works such as fittings of tube lights, call bells and basic meter wirings. These are specially designed in such a manner that they can be turned and curved according to the walls as they are thin and flexible.
  • Insulated Wires: These are PVC insulated wires mainly designed for industrial purposes as these are double coated for safety purpose. They are coated with PVC coating so that in case of any contact with liquid the chances of spreading of current can be nullified.
  • Galvanized Wires: They are mainly used by electricity producing companies and these wires are mainly needed for wiring in high tension electrical towers. They supply the electricity in the fastest way. They are also used in railways as electric trains get electricity through these wires only.

Major Electrical Wire Manufacturers India

V-Guard: One of the most trusted brand in India having more than 500 distributors, 5000 direct dealers and 20000 retailers its popularity is humungous. This company produces round wires, flexible wires and etc. All the wires are as per Indian standards and are manufactured with best quality and finish.

Finolex: One of the most popular brands in India. Finolex manufacture basic domestic purpose wires as well as heavy duty wires for industrial purposes. They basically hold specialisation in light duty wires.

Polycab: It was established in the year 1968 and since then it has been the leader in this field. With having manufacturing units all over India Polycab really understands the importance of electrical wires in India. They are known for their wires which can bear high voltages and are main component in pole to pole electrical wirings. Their specific quality wires are abrasive free which eradicates the problem of electrical theft.

Electrical wire manufacturers India mainly manufacture all types of wire as per government standards of IS – 3975 / 1999 and BS – 1442 which makes them absolutely safe to use as all wires are tried and tested before sending them to market.


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