Studio apartments are becoming increasingly common in the urban landscape. With high rentals and rising number of single professional men and women coming to bigger cities, the demand for comparatively lower cost accommodation is high. But this is not just for single women, a number of small families are also opting for small homes because of rising expenses.Studio apartments can range from the cosy, the quaint barsati to dingy and poky places. But with a little renovation and imagination, every space can be made homely and beautiful. The trick is to open up a place and make it light and airy. You can use glass walls and doors with glass door fittings for this purpose. Here are some tips you can follow:

Use minimal furniture

This is always a must in a small apartment. Nothing makes a space smaller than unnecessary clutter. When you have limited space to move around, the last thing you want is to knock into desks and chairs as you move around. Use only what you need and avoid buying heavy and large pieces.

Use multi-functional furniture

Minimal furniture does not mean lack of functionality. Since we are limited by the amount of furniture in the home, we have to be innovative with what we have. So, use furniture that has multiple functionalities. For instance, buy a couch that can be pulled out into a bed for when you need it. You can get a table that can put up and bolted into the wall when not is use or stools with storage space inside. Luckily, there are many options available today.

Open plan space

Whether a large loft or a small apartment, the open plan space makes your home automatically larger and airier. With an open plan space you also have to carefully consider the furniture placement. Make sure the furniture is grouped together to create an invisible segregation. The ‘living room’ can be created by grouping your couch and table. Put this at a little distance from the bed, which will give some space to these two essential areas of your home.

If you are concerned about privacy and want to have a more clear-cut separation, consider screens that can be folded up when you want to open up the space. In a large loft, you can also consider glass walls with glass door fittings. Unlike walls, the glass allows the light to pass through, creating an illusion of an open space.

Exposed brick walls

This is one of the trademarks of the ‘loft’ feel. It gives the room a warm and cosy atmosphere. It’s low maintenance and creates a visually interesting point. If you have other exposed fittings, like pipes or shafts, try to incorporate an industrial look. Paint the pipes an interesting shade like red and let it be part of the overall chic industrial style.

Bring in some green

While we recommend minimal furniture and clutter, a bit of green always livens up a space. You can try hanging pots at windows so as to not crowd the floor. A trellis with snaking vines at one corner of the room is always an attractive look. But it is not just about the looks. Plants in home help in purifying the air. Some will even keep away mosquitoes.

Open up the walls

Walls bracket in spaces. The more you remove them, the more open your space becomes. The best way to do this is by trying glass door in balconies. Not only do you remove the wall, you also open up the view to the outside, creating an illusion of a space that include the sky and the greenery out there.

Use the outside

Since your space is limited, why not use whatever you have. If you have a balcony, use it as a cosy seating area. By putting up glass doors with glass door fittings you can also make it part of your home. If you have small spaces outside like a landing, you can use it for storage.

Let it reflect your style

Above everything, your home should reflect your own style. Do not be afraid to experiment with funky and fun if that is what you want. Personalise the space with your own mementoes. Create a wall of of photo memories, put up your favourite knick-knacks, or anything else you consider a true reflection of your personality.