There are tons of applications out there that apparently claim to save your phone’s battery. The real question is, do they actually work? How can you prevent battery drainage when your phone has so many apps? It’s quite difficult to find the best battery saver app for android. After a lot of research, we found that an android application called Purify takes battery performance to a whole new level.

How does it work?

1) Management of memory leaking

A memory leak occurs when memory allocations are mismanaged by the system. This causes loss of free memory which could have been used by other applications. Purify protects the system from such memory leaks and saves battery by blocking them automatically.

2) Whitelist

There are certain types of apps that you might want to keep running all the time. You might not want Purify to clear out these apps for battery saving purposes. The whitelist feature allows you to do so! How easy is that?

3) How do I know it is actually working?

Purify allows you to take a look at how much RAM is being saved on your phone. You can also check out how much amount of data is being cleared up by the app. This way, you can know for sure it is actually working!

4) Blocking unnecessary autostart applications

Do you know about the main reason why we face battery issues? This is because of apps that are bound to start automatically in the background even when you are using other applications on your phone. Purify blocks the background data from these apps to ensure better performance.

5) Speed boosting

As a result, your android phone’s speed gets boosted! The efficiency is also increased. You will not need to tap the same app 10 times in order to open it up.

So you do not need to worry about battery drainage as long as you have Purify! Also keep it updated to the latest version for getting new features.