The Obama backed the candidate with a farewell speech at a grand rally to 40,000 people.

The Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has closed tonight this unforgettable electoral campaign wrapped by her two families; the own, formed by Bill and Chelsea Clinton, and the politics, represented in the marriage Obama. At a multitudinous event in Philadelphia, with more than 40,000 attendees, the aspirant to become the first woman to lead the White House has launched a message of unity, to try to “rebuild bridges rather than erect walls” and, above all, to “Make history” this Tuesday that the polls open.

Clinton, after a race marked by polarization and tough clashes with rival Donald Trump, has confessed that he regrets “deeply the angry tone that has marked the electoral race,” to which someone from the audience shouted “not for your Guilt, “sketching a smile on the former first lady.

The Democrat party’s challenger partly dedicated this Monday to lowering the aggressiveness of the last days with a more positive and conciliatory message. “I have a lot of work to unify the country. I really want to be the president of everyone, the people who voted for me and the people who voted against me,” he said at the start of a marathon day in New York.

She was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and then in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a state that in the last few hours the polls have turned into purple or ‘swing’ , That is, undecided.

She then landed in Philadelphia, where she hosted one of the most important rallies of her campaign with Barack and Michelle Obama, her husband Bill and his daughter Chelsea at the Independence Mall in Philadelphia. Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi served as the opening act.


Of course, the ‘chief’ made a plea in favor of his candidacy, because it is ‘based on experience and in defense of women’s rights’, in the face of a Trump who “does not go beyond himself”.

Clinton said Tuesday that “we have to choose between division and unity, between an economy for all or for the elites, between a strong leadership and one that puts everything at risk.” “We know a lot about my opponent. The question now is what country and what future for our children we want. We love this country, and I am convinced that the best days of the US are coming, if we go together. ”

The aspirant was in charge of remembering all the outputs of tone of the tycoon, putting the accent on his refusal to accept the results if he loses. “We’re going to give him a result tomorrow that will not leave him in doubt,” he complained.

He also had winks for the Hispanics, vital in these elections, referring to the immigration issue. “Everyone here must have a place to follow their dream,” he said.

In her closing statement, she asked the Americans to help her make history, not only by voting against Trump, but in her favor. “Our parents fought for our rights today. Tomorrow it’s up to us. Every issue that matters to us is on that ballot, from a more accessible university, to reform the criminal system, raise the minimum wage or equal payment, “he remarked.

Finally, he asked the voters to mobilize. Call your neighbors and family and encourage them to go to the polls. “No one wants to get up on Wednesday thinking we could have done more. When your grandchildren ask you what you did in 2016, I hope you can respond that you voted for a US of bridges and not walls. ”

Hillary was clothed by Chelsea and Bill Clinton who, after extolling their kindness as a woman who “dedicated her life to others,” gave way to one of the most anticipated speeches, that of Michelle Obama, who as usual has raised the public.

After announcing that “perhaps this is the last service I can do for my country as first lady,” she reminded the electorate that “there is one day left to make history and support a phenomenal candidate who never leaves and who is a brilliant inspiration for women”.

“We deserve a leader who gives security and respect to our daughters, who sees our diversity not as a threat but as a blessing. If we stay at home or play with the vote of protest, the other wins, “he warned before giving way to his husband.


Barack Obama, with a certain tone of farewell, took stock of the achievements of his mandate, summarizing them in a phrase: “We have changed the ‘Yes, we can’ – the motto with which it was presented in 2008 – , for the ‘Yes, we did’. Among other things, he highlighted improvements in health care, the development of renewable energies, job creation, egalitarian marriage or the fall of Osama bin Laden.

Hillary Clinton, along with Obama, in his last campaign act. Carlos Barria Reuters

The president again asked the young people to go to vote “because your future is at stake,” and specifically asked the male voters to choose “the best prepared candidate, who happens to be a woman.” He also had a message For African Americans, who demanded that they be mobilized regardless of the color of the Democratic candidate’s skin.

He also had words for the Republican rival, emphasizing in the speech that has been repeating in the last rallies. “Trump is temperamentally incapacitated to be president. If your campaign has taken you away from Twitter for its use, imagine what you would do with the nuclear codes. ”

“I bet you’ll reject fear tomorrow and choose hope,” concluded an Obama who hugged Clinton effusively before heading to the last stop of the day, Raleigh, North Carolina, where Lady Gaga joined the team. Clinton.