Coupons That Save Money on Your Web Space


When I was searching for a social networking site I went through several online reviews to find out who offered what, and what I stood to gain by making one choice over another. I also considered starting my own blog and looked at various blogging platforms like WordPress. I researched various web hosting solutions like Hostgator and

Eventually, I decided to create both a personal blog and a blog hosted in a public platform like  KiwiBox.

As I said, a part of my blogspace on KiwiBox, I also looked at starting my own blog. I looked for the best webhosting plan at During this time, I came across a number of coupon codes for that save me money and time.

It is fun and rewarding searching for deals and discount codes. In this post I would like to share with you the latest money saving promotional codesfor

Who is ranks among the largest of all domain name registrars. The company also provides exceptional web hosting services – as I have learned since I signed up with them.

When I was buying the web hosting service from, I was required to register my unique domain name – something that matched my website, company, brand, and the marketing I intended to do.

After that, I proceeded to the checkout area. At this point, I saw a field where I could fill in the coupon code I had received from my online search. I was so glad that I decided to do some research first – otherwise, I might have ended up paying full price for something that was being offered at a much lower price.

Latest Coupons

That said, below are some of the amazing coupon codes you should use:

  1. HOLIDAYS.With the HOLIDAYS coupon code from, you can now get savings of 20% off your orders.
  2. NET15. This coupon code gives you savings of 15%. It is designed for people who are looking to register new .NET domain names with
  3. TECHNOBUFFALO. This code will give you a discount of 20% off the order you make from any service you get from
  4. FREEDOM9. Alternatively, you can tap into FREEDOM9. With it, you will be provided with a free domain name irrespective of the web hosting plan you choose.
  5. 20JAN. This is another one of the coupon codes you should take if you will be spending more than $40 on your order. It will help you save some money in the process.

I like both my blogging space at KiwiBox and my personal blog. I use each for a different purpose.The advantage of my blog on is that it is hosted for free and it can be set up in a few minutes. All you need to do is add your profile and your image.

Setting up your own blog is costly, though you can still get money off with a hosting coupon. However, the great advantage is that you can control the content, promote it on Social Media as you want, and create your very own community of friends and fellow bloggers.