In the modern economy of the world, a joint stock company plays a vital role. The company has various securities that can be traded in the market. The equity and other tradable securities are there with the help of which the traders and investors can earn well in the market. There are many people who love to invest in such companies that can help them earn better returns on their investments. With the help of the security exchanges in the country, the traders can trade in equity as well as other securities and earn some profits.

The trading and investment schemes:

There are various trading schemes floated by different broking houses. A broking house earns its main revenue from the broking charges levied upon the traders. They offer various schemes that can help the brokers as well as the clients. A client always looks for minimum brokerage charges that can help him to optimize the profit out of trading. These broking houses are associated with exchanges that have license provided by the government. These broking houses also have got huge competition in the stock market and hence only large client business cannot help them to maximize the revenue.

The charges:

The broking charges are mainly segregated in two segments which depend on the type of trade. The trades are intraday trades as well as delivery trades. As per the tradition, the intraday broking charges are low then the delivery one, but in the market,the turnover of intraday trades is more and hence the rate of brokerage on the same matters a lot for the broker as well as the trader. High broking charges may discourage the trader from trading or going for ahigher turnover as well as switch to another broking house that can offer low rates on the broking. Hence usually the trader loves to go for the cheapest brokerage if his turnover is high. In case a trader who deals in intraday as well as delivery trades, it is important to have the lowest broking charges.

The broking houses know this mindset of the client. Therefore, there are also some broking houses that offer much low broking charges which can attract the clients with ahigh turnover which can overall result in higher revenue for the broking house also.

Understanding the same, the broking houses design various schemes. However, it is obvious that such schemes are not that much known in the market but in case one wants to get such a scheme the best way out is to check the rates on the internet. There are numerous companies that can also offer special rates to high net worth client.

In many cases, the brokerage can be as low as .01 to 1 percent also. Many times, it is said that for a broking house to get the revenue low brokerage is not a good option but it is not complete truth as low brokerage can lead to high turnover and high turnover in return lead to high revenue in the form of brokerage for a broking house which is its ultimate objective.