If you’re a fan of the Civilization series and also mobile gaming then you should definitely take a look at Nexon’s latest offering, DomiNations. Taking a leaf out of Civilization’s book, Nexon have created an alternative simplified for mobile gaming and they have done so in style.

The start of the game sees you in the Stone Age with primitive technologies and militia with an aim to build up your empire, slowly advancing through the ages as you do so. You advance on to the next era when you manage to upgrade your town hall. This is done by gaining resources through a variety of different ways:

Farming and Harvesting: Farming and harvesting fruit trees brings food which is needed in order to feed your builders.

Hunting: Various animals are often found wandering through your village. Hunting these rewards you with furs which can be used to recruit special units, food and oddly, gold.

Fighting: Take the fight right to the enemy and raid their supplies. Battles can be found in the single player campaign or as PvP battles.

Resources are a vital part of growth and there’s a DomiNations hack available for the less patient, although personally I would highly recommend doing this naturally as it offers a lot more satisfaction in the long run.


Upon hitting the medieval age you are able to select which nation you would like to lead. Each nation holds its own advantages and an eclectic range offers the player a nation for every play style. You are able to pick you nation from the following list:


Choose carefully when selecting your nation as this can have drastic effects to your game.


In conclusion, DomiNations is a fantastic game to discover and play. The strategic element allows for deep thinking and calls for tactical prowess, whilst the battle element offers an experience quite similar to the famous Clash of Clans fighting system only a lot more dynamic as units and buildings change as your nation progresses through the many ages. As intricate as it is, DomiNations still offers a simple pick-up-and-play experience that can be easily mastered by people of all ages and skills. The only real downsides I can see to this hidden gem are the slow loading times at the start of the game, the need to refresh the game if left idle for a very short amount of time and sometimes the waiting periods required to finish buildings and research can be a little irksome (but, without waiting times the game would be too easy).

If you are picking up this game in the mind that it will be just like Civilization, prepare for a little disappointment as it is far less involved due to it being designed for mobile devices. However, if it’s a good empire-building strategy you’re after, then you will never go far wrong with DomiNations.