The Microsoft 70-740 examination covers various aspects of installation storage as well as computing with Windows Server 2016 and stands as the first of the three examinations an individual must pass in order to obtain certification for MCSA Windows Server 2016.

The MCSA Windows Server 2016 exam 70-740 is apt for those looking to see a certification in installation storage and computation with the Windows Server 2016. Those looking to tap networking with Windows Server 2016 can take exam 741. Then again, those who are looking for tapping identity with Windows Server 2016 can take exam 742.

Once you obtain the certification for Microsoft 70-740 examination and you get certified as MCSA, you are proven to have knowledge in the following domains-

  • Installation of Windows Server 2016 in environment and host environment
  • Implementation of storage solutions
  • Implementation of hyper-v
  • Implementation of Windows containers
  • Implementation of high availability
  • Maintenance and monitoring of server environment

Once you secure certification for MCSA 70-740 you’ll be able to transit to examinations for 741 that covers networking with Windows server and 742 that covers identity with Windows Server as mentioned above.

Best tips or resources used to pass Microsoft’s MCSA Certification Exam 70-740:

The Virtual Academy
Microsoft has a free learning resource and called the Microsoft Virtual Academy and here you get to find resources materials presentations as well as videos for the entire range of Microsoft Technologies that includes Windows Server 2016.

Additionally, these resources will introduce you to the main information the exam powers and also provide educational and helpful insights into a number of key topics. Then again the content sphere is in excellent way to begin your exam preparations and follow up with other hacks but make sure that you are ready to sale through the paper. Do note that with the 70-740 exam release being of Limited availability type, we are waiting for Microsoft to populate its Virtual Academy with more information.

The revision guide
The number of study guide that are useful resources to structure and revise in a way that suits you best.20 revision guide actually helps you filter the areas of strengths and weaknesses and let you understand which parameters you should focus along.

The official guide for MCSA certification for this examination is Exam Ref 70 740: Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows 2016 by Jason Kelington. Another device or resource that could help you is MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide that covers all the objectives available for the examination as well as review questions and hands-on mock tests and glossaries.

The Windows Server forums
Another awesome way to prepare for MCSA certification is to join a server forum where in you can find other similar individuals preparing for the same examination. Because of a community comes across as a great resource that provide guidance as well as insider information as well as tricks that you might not be aware about.

Mock tests
Passing MCSA 70 740 Windows examination could actually get easier if you take a lot of practice mock tests, that help to familiarize yourself for the format, structure as well as the kind of questions you will get to face on the main day. MeasureUp and GoCertify are the best mock tests for candidates.

Trial version for software
Once you make sure my love to get in MCSA certification for examination a great way to prepare is familiarizing yourself with the software that you will actually be tested on. Get the trial version that is limited to 180 days, understanding part is relevant to the 70 740 exams while also practicing other tests.

An Expert at Helm
Try to keep updated with the latest Microsoft blogs or community updates from an expert. Using such a platform can actually be a great way not only to network, but also to understand the in-depth updates that are relevant to the examination. Following an expert, gives you inside scoop over a wide variety of information and it aids in preparing and developing skills better even before you get the MCSA cert.

Skip Brain Dump Route
While the buzz around braindumps has been huge, it is specifically, not advised to go for them because they are not only turned illegal examinations, but they actually are not effective in providing real life skills. Additionally, it is to be noted that those who use brain dump for MCSA 7740 examinations could be disqualified from even appearing for the exam series.