Buying and selling homes can be more confusing than you think. You need to fulfill the educational requirements and must obtain your real estate agent license. It is also important to understand that real estate licensing requirements vary by state. Most states require you to complete a set of learning hours and take up the exam, after which you can apply for the license. A lot of professionals select real estate as a career because completing the course and getting the license doesn’t have to be about taking regular classes. In most states, including Florida, you just to find the right online real estate school, and you can learn at your pace and give the exam when you are ready. Here are some of the quick facts worth knowing about taking the real estate exam.

Check the pre licensing course requirements

To get your real estate license, the first step is to understand the pre licensing course requirements. What you will study and how many hours need to be completed depend on the state, but typically, you must complete 60 hours of learning or more. From simple things like contracts and deeds to fair housing laws, the course will cover everything that’s pertinent to the norms, laws and regulations of the state. Please note there are federal real estate regulations, as well, which is studied in all states. So, if you take up a real estate broker course online in New York, you need to complete the 75-hour course, while in Florida, the same is 63 hours. In Texas, that’s 180 hours.

Taking up the exam

As mentioned, you can take up the pre-licensing course online. After completion, you must take up the course final exam, after which you can appear for the state licensing exam. Most states have a limit that must be adhered for applying for the license. In Florida, the pre-licensing courses are valid for two years, which means you must apply for the license within two years of completing the course.

Passing the exam

Much like other things, the duration of the course varies from 1.5 hours to 3 hours or more, depending on the state. You must answer around 70% of the questions in most states to pass and get your license. The questions will be same as what you learn in the pre-licensing course. Choose a realtor school that offers the maximum assistance and is accessible at all times for instructor help. If you learn well, there wouldn’t be any issues in clearing the exam and getting your license, because only the course content knowledge is tested.

Bottom line

Obtaining your real estate license requires you to know state and federal state laws as applicable, and completing the pre-licensing course and passing the exam are musts to get your license. Make sure that you know the requirements to the core and have all the required knowledge. In case of any confusion, talk to the school you have selected and ask about the top online real estate courses and other requirements. If you want to know more about best online real estate school and top courses in florida then you can visit our website and get more informations.