Long days spent at your office working on deadlines tend to make your lives monotonous and bleak. That is where team outings filled with fun activities come into play. These are the real saviors which not only come as a breath of fresh air but also help us develop skills at the workplace. These activities strengthen the bond among employees and ensure a healthy work environment.

Many companies are taking resort to these corporate team building activities to enrich and re-energize their employees. These outings help employees take their time off work, spend a day without any routine to follow.

How do Corporate team building activities help?

There are numerous benefits to arranging these kinds of outings filled with adventurous activities. Sharpening employee efficiency, ensuring their healthy mental state being the few among many.

  • Firstly, the employees get to break the dreary daily routine. The joyous activities take their minds off the mundane life. This much-needed break helps them relax and gain an obligation towards the company. They realize the company values them and their well-being and tend to give back more at work.
  • Secondly, communication is achieved. With the help of team activities, people tend to talk to each other more, get to know each other and develop a bond. These activities are ice-breakers and ensure all barriers are bridged. This, in turn, helps in the growth of the company.
  • The companies ensure that every employee participates in these activities. Nobody is left out in these. This increases the sense of partnership among peers.
  • Fun and learning make it genuinely These team building games are becoming popular because learning is more natural through games. The seniors tend to communicate with the juniors, and a bridge is built.

The common team activities

Companies usually have a structure that they follow while hosting such outings. Often the games involve every person present in the camp so that nobody is left out. Some of the popular ones are:

  1. Rock climbing
  2. Jungle surviving
  3. Cobweb
  4. Ice Walk
  5. Pipeline
  6. Burma Bridge
  7. Shooting
  8. Paintball games etc.

Such games test the endurance of employees when they work as a team. These activities can help one gauge how well can a teamwork and how much bonding each member has with another.

How to create an A-team?

Facilitating a team building development needs acumen for the organization or the person responsible. There are certain tips which catalyze this process:

  1. Creating a shared vision: If all team members get to have a common goal, they start envisioning themselves as a team.
  2. Nurturing the goal: Developing the vision with the support of team members strengthen their bonds.
  3. Sorting the responsibilities: Clarity with each member role in the common goal is essential.
  4. Out of office sessions: Hosting such sessions inside office walls can be boring and disruptive. So meetings can be held out of office, be it a coffee shop or a dinner joint which makes it more interesting.

Having fun in such initiatives is vital. Engagement of all the members of an office makes it more meaningful and relevant.