Writing is a gift. Producing high-quality content in an efficient manner is not a piece of cake. As a writer, I have been faced with many difficulties in which generating of a high word count content in a short time was a major issue. Initially, oblivious to the power a speedy hand can produce, I had produced articles with the speed of a turtle. But with increased exposure and a huge influx of clients, I had to do something. I opted to investigate the tips and tricks of the notorious writers, to explore their approaches and strategies for producing content in a short time without compromising on the quality. With research and a bit of study, I have been successful at attaining the speed of a proficient writer devising error-free papers in no time. Here is what I have learned so far, the tricks which have helped me grow exponentially:

  • Believe

Belief, a very powerful word. It is secret to no one that the changes it has created in the individual’s life, be it, Nelson Mandela or Steve Jobs. Both of these idols believed a certain idea, which led them to the positions they hold today. You are a writer, just the thought should empower you, and the pen you hold is your armor which derives its strength from your determination. No need to doubt your capabilities. Reject all the mental blocks, thoughts, and things which distract you, or keep you at bay with the production of premium content.

  • Collect the resources

Production of 2000 words in 3 hours is no joke. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal, work beforehand. Be proactive and save the resource you feel will be beneficial later. This is the approach I have adopted which have benefited me immensely. Every platform can be exploited for gathering the resources; it could be the library, social media platforms, news websites, paper writing service pages and more. Alternatively, you could simply jot down the points which can be incorporated in the essays. However, ensure that the resources you have selected are authentic and reliable, so no question is raised concerning the information integrated. The creativity is destroyed when assumptions are being used instead of facts. Therefore, gather only relevant resources.

  • Practice diligently

No one in the world excels without practice writing is no exception. Everyday practice and routine we adopt can impact the production of the word we make in a day. Practicing writing might hurt at first but it is a prerequisite for being an efficient writer. It is a cliché that no one sees the struggle one has gone through, before reaching a certain point, that success is not a result of an overnight experiment but the time one has invested in overcoming the obstacles before.

  • Create a list of influencers

Devising the list of influencers in the country will assist you in coming up with something effective and efficient. You can follow an industry expert or a niche in which you aim to serve, having an influencer in the industry will enable you to produce the relevant and effective content in no time. It will also assist in the collecting of facts, new tactics, techniques, and the way the traffic is generated to the site. Having a list enables you to see the way post is published, how the timeline is maintained along with the production of a standardized work. This assists you how much in there to be practiced daily. However, consider the fact that only those things are adopted which are helpful in you retaining creativity. Practices which eliminate the creative aspect of the content only results in failure rather than speeding up the process.

  • Edit Later

It can be regarded as the golden rule which I learned during my expedition to discover the process of speed writing. This illuminates that all the grammatical error, mistakes, typos and more should be ignored when words are flowing from your keyboard or pen. These mistakes cease the moment in which you could have produced more words as they make you stop short. Instead, focus your attention on which idea can further be integrated into it, what can be augmented in the article to boost its strength. Once you have completed the content, now make the necessary corrections. Adaptation of this strategy helped improved my writing speed significantly.


Adaptation of these strategies will allow you to speed up the task, and meet all the scheduled assignments on time. Since the internet marketing is floating with the content, it is time to upgrade your skill and get the content out there in the most humanly speedy way possible.