The recent cruel actions in the USA, the school shootings, forced to make schools some serious changes regarding the security. How to create a peaceful environment and prevent mass killings – this is still a question. The idea of giving free transparent backpacks for all children – let us discuss it.

Transparent backpacks for students: pros and cons

In the last 10 years, America faced many school shootings, and it made everyone across the country think about the security. The nature of such student’s behavior lies in endless psychological issues, but it does not mean the society must only stress on this factor. That is why after the latest massacre in Parkland, school’s administration decided to provide all students with free transparent backpacks. Such measure can be helpful and everyone can see whether a student carries a gun or not. In addition to the new clear rucksack, students must also carry ID badges.

However, many students were surprised by such innovations raising a number of doubts regarding the clear backpacks. Mostly, they pointed out that sometimes a gunman can be not a student, since there is still a big danger for all school members. Moreover, such security measures must apply to all schools in America, if they can be effective to protect all children and teachers.

Some students argued about the logistical challenges: “These clear backpacks accomplish absolutely nothing. Not every item placed in the bag is visible and there is no possible way to monitor the contents of over 3000 backpacks. It’s great to know that this is where my community puts its resources”. Other students also have raised a question of the lack of privacy for students, stating that in some way they feel themselves as prisoners. It could also be a problem for some children who carry personal medications or other things. Other arguments and statements about the transparent rucksacks only prove that additional problems or issues will come out of this measure. More interesting information you can find on essaywanted.

What is better: to change the policy or a backpack?

Instead of changing the policy and forcing young students do what they won’t, it would be much better to provide the school security with new reforms and prevent many dangerous situations in the future. However, the reforms only exist in the theory, which make many experts in US raise more doubts in its effectiveness. It is obvious even for young students that the transparent backpacks will not fix the situation and probably, such cruel actions may occur in the nearest future. That is why many experts in security and education area point out how important to implement new reforms and prevent massive killings in schools or colleges. The transparent backpacks may be effective, but according to the abovementioned reactions of students it is unlikely a measure that can affect the whole situation. Some people strongly tend to believe that the main reason behind occurred acts of cruelty lies in the ineffective gun control policy. So, may be it would be better to start with this area, instead of making controversial changes in the students’ lives.