The advent of data science and the thorough development of the field has amazed the world. It has led many small and mid sized companies to dream big, to think of competing with the corporate giants active in various fields. Moreover the public sector has benefited a lot from these developments. For a small instance if we take traffic control, countries like Singapore, and Malaysia itself have used data science to predict traffic congestion patterns to better control the situation. This goes for a lot of other things. From cyber security to business analysis and product management, the scopes are immense. But are there enough people capable of catering the data science needs of a growing number of organizations? The answer is probably no.

How far does the gap span?  

The collective need for data science professionals in Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines is expected to be around 380,000 by 2022. While the figure may come to be inaccurate to a small extent it gives us an idea of the nature of the problem. The problem is twofold –

  • The job is not easy and the companies have to be selective and strict while evaluating the talents.
  • Keeping in mind the shortage of personnel these strict evaluative process complicates the situation further as may have already understood.

How does it affect the market? 

Suppose a new found organization is trying to pitch their product in the market, they will definitely need a certain amount of data centric insights to get themselves in a competitive position. This involves rigorous data management and analysis which will result in functional predictive and prescriptive models. The problem is they cannot afford the talent already available and fresh talent is scarce and often unreliable. This in turn makes the market less competitive thus creating a platform for monopolistic domination of certain organizations. The developments in the public sector is also hurt by this as a consistent influx of fresh talent is unavailable.

Get yourself trained

As we can clearly see, the demand for data scientists in Malaysia is quite high. It is quite important for the nation’s economy that the supply of data science professional is consistent. This entails great opportunities for the nation’s youth. It is a great time to get yourself enrolled for a data science course and prepare yourself for the jobs.

Although you cannot become a data scientist straight away, you can definitely start as a data engineer or data administrator and work your way up the ladder.

A lot of companies are trying to streamline the recruitment process by introducing an assessment system for the budding data science professionals. Prove yourself and a Great career will await you.