Trying different color combinations in clothing can either make or break your outfit. It is considered that women have a great choice of colors especially when it comes to fashion.

Moreover, women love to experiment with different color combos! However, if women want to save their bucks then they can try buying wholesale women’s clothingfrom retailers to get the latest piece of clothing at the lowest possible prices!

Further, here is the list of the different color combos which can completely change your look from stylish to sassy and bold!

Have a look!

  1. Green and Yellow

Have you ever took the smell of freshly cut grass? It’s as crisper as the combo of green and yellow. It is the perfect combo for most complexions. It’s for the people who like warm colors like mustard, khaki, and dark green. You can sharpen up an outfit by adding bright yellows and sparkling green!

Moreover, to stand out from the crowd, you can try partnering a yellow blazer with a simple gray skirt or jeans. After that, add a white shirt and green accessories for a bright new everyday look! Always remember to keep it simple!


  1. Pale Blue and Pink


A pale blue and pink combination is most basic yet very stylish combo. You might think that pale blue and pink are light shades but if dressed in the right way, it can be very eye-catching as bright pop! These colors will remind you of the soft scent of jasmine and the warm breeze of spring!


You can try a soft blue sweater with a pink jacket which will melt away any remnants of winter. You can even layer your accessories and add as many combinations as you want! This combo will also work best with a pair of white shoes like stiletto!


  1. Red & Blue


These color combo is one of the favorite looks of all times and doesn’t age out. Try transforming a pair of denim with a red leather stitched jacket and pencil heels. This combo will surely smarten up and casual look into a killer one!


Moreover, you can even try the quintessential French Chanel inspired look with a red blazer and a pair of blue denim underneath! Further, you can even try a white shirt underneath to highlight the brightness of your red blazer and contrasting blue jeans!


  1. Orange and Blue


Another great combination which looks great with blue is the orange color! It is the best color scheme to use for color blocking technique. A bright blue maxi dress with bright orange accessory will be the perfect blend of both colors. Whatever you choose to wear, don’t forget to select the right pair of shoes!


  1. Orange and Black


You must have heard that ‘Orange is the new Black’ this quote fits perfectly here as the orange and black is a sassy combo! There is nothing that lifts a black color out other than a bright and bold color like orange! Isn’t it?

Try a high-waisted flare pant and don’t be shy to flaunt your killer abs with a black crop top. You can even try a loosely tucked in an oversized sweater with a beautiful detachable Max Zebra Printed Pony skin bag to complete the look!


Try some of these color combinations which is mentioned in the paragraph above! You can even try experimenting with purple & white, purple & coral, pink & Grey, tan & maroon, or any other colors of your choice. You can grab these colors at the best possible prices from the sites which sell women’s clothing wholesale! Don’t be afraid and shy any new looks as these looks can really make a style icon!