Online games are the order of the day. And games like online rummy stand proof to this statement. The growing number of online rummy players clearly states the fact that online rummy is the future. With mobile phones replacing our good old PCs, there has been a rapid increase in the number of players playing the rummy game on their mobiles. The signs are clear and loud – mobile is the latest form of online rummy.

In this article, we try to examine this development if it is just a flash-in-the-pan or if there is more to what meets the eye?

#1: Convenience can’t get any better

Mobile has permeated into our lives so extensively that convenience takes precedence over anything else.  Sometime back the general notion was ‘time is money’. Today, convenience seems to have changed it all. The convenience of playing online rummy at a preferred time and place, and also the need to catch up some entertainment dose in between our hectic lives, have made mobile the most preferable platform to play the rummy game.

#2: Cost is the game-changer

If one were to get started playing online games on their PCs, say a couple of years ago, the initial setup cost in terms of infrastructure and internet plans were huge. However, with the influx of many cheaper smartphones with reasonably good configuration has catalyzed the growth of online gaming on mobiles. Add to it, the highly competitive and lucrative data plans have made it greatly easy for anyone to start playing online rummy on their smartphones. Today, anyone with a smartphone and an internet plan can go for rummy game download and start playing the game. It’s as easy as a pie!

#3: Sense of exclusivity

Mobile is one such medium which gives you a sense of exclusivity at the same time letting you play with others. You need not share your mobile with anyone. On the contrary, PCs are rarely the exclusive property of anyone. This is yet another factor making mobiles the chosen platform to play online rummy. You may download the rummy game and play to your heart’s content.


#4: Rummy sites encouraging mobile gaming

Although it may not seem to be a significant reason at the moment, rummy sites are encouraging players to download their rummy APK and start playing. Many websites offer interesting and exclusive bonuses when payment is done by players through their mobile apps. The in-app purchases to are very lucrative which have made players switch from PCs to mobiles for enjoying online rummy.

#5:  The future of mobiles

The increasing impact of mobiles in our lives has made analysts, technologists, developers and businesses take cognizance of the gaining supremacy of the mobiles in the coming days. As the second largest smartphone market in the world, it is clearly evident about India – mobiles are the future. Businesses are heavily investing in their R&D initiatives on a mobile platform. In this context, it definitely does not come as a surprise if businesses encourage downloading rummy APK and completely cease to operate their websites.

Let’s play rummy

Pick up your mobiles; play online rummy and enjoy a whole new world of entertainment on your mobiles.