If you like all the others have been bored up of the same stories shown all the time, then you have reached the right place. With due regard to some of the best movies in the bollywood world like Dangal and Newton, we have here started feeling strange repulsion from bollywood general and fondness towards Hollywood. Over the past few decades, Hollywood movies have gained enough popularity when compared to the bollywood industry, as they are believed to be better even today. Given below are some major reasons as to why are they better even today

Audience: Hollywood generally comes out with movies for a wide range of audiences located in the different parts of the world. Even though we have the bollywood movies being released in various countries, their targeted audience still will continue to be Indian. And when it comes to the the Indian audiences, bollywood has successfully justified in making the kind of movies it has always been making. Remember audiences play a very important role when it comes to the quality of the movie that is being made for them. 

Where is the money being invested: Raone till date is considered to be one of the most expensive movies of Bollywood. And there is no doubt that it had great graphics, but what happened to the story. It seems that the movie made a huge amount of money just because the actors were Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. 

Scarcity of realistic subjects: After the release of Salman Khan movie Dabangg, we are now seeing movies with similar kind of concept, and same characters. Say for example Rowdy Rathore and Singham. In both the movies you get to see a police officer who is too witty for his character, and fights like superman protagonist in both the movies. Even the movie posters look similar and alike Hollywood When Compared To Bollywood

Money is important for all of us, but it seems like it is the most important in Bollywood: Film makers really work hard on their projects in order to earn money agreed. And it’s justified too. But most often we do witness movies that are made just to make money. This even leads to overlooking of real, young and talented actors. Because to earn money, the movie continues to feature the star kids. 

Variety of generes: Bollywood movies concentrate more on the theme related kind of movies. But when it comes to Hollywood it concentrates on a wide spectrum of themes, that is ranging from action to fantasy. 

Nepotism in Bollywood: Nepotism has always been a huge parasite when it comes to bollywood. Launching a star kid has always turned out to be controversial, that is often followed by either huge success of a total flop. Sometimes the actors with a zero talent in them are given a chance in the movie.  And incase the movie is not successful it is a huge waste of capital too.

Your audience demand more: The younger generation today demands more from the bollywood. They like spiderman more when compared to Krish. This is again one of the major reason as to why everyone is shifting to Hollywood industry. 

These were the 7 major reasons for bollywood being better than Hollywood. Let us know if you have any other reason in the comments section below. And we will be happy to add them in the post above. 

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