LeBron James Earning History

Today, when we talk about the world’s most popular athletes, one of the top names that come to mind is that of LeBron James. He is a basketball superstar who has attained the status of a legend quite early in his career. LeBron James plays for Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. The player has made quite an impact on not only the NBA but the game of basketball. Today he is considered to be one of the most influential players in the history of the sport. Lebron James earning History is quite evident of his success in the NBA.

Here are the detailed stats of LeBron James earning history and how the wealth of the player grew over the years.

2004 – LeBron James came into the NBA straight after high school. He was already being considered a superstar when he finished high school. In 2004, LeBron James net worth was around $11 million and the player made millions of dollars in 2004.

2005 – The wealth of LeBron James doubled in one year. And in 2005 the total net worth of LeBron James reached $24 million. This shows that the player had net income of around $12 million in one year.

2006 – The year 2006 was another successful year for LeBron James The player made another $13 million and his total wealth reached $37 million.

2007 – In the year 2007, LeBron James net worth had crossed the mark of $52 million. The player had become a household name and had established a very strong fan base.

2008 – According to the details of LeBron James earning history, the player made $21 million in the year 2008. He was highly successful and this reflected well in his earnings.

2009 – With total net worth reaching $95 million in the year 2009, LeBron James earned around $22 million in the year 2009.

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2010 – With every passing year, the income of LeBron James increased. And in 2010, the basketball superstar made more than $24 million. The total net worth of LeBron James passed the mark of $100 million in 2010. And his total net worth was around $120 million at the end of the year.

2011 – During the earlier half of the career of LeBron James, the only sources of income the player had were his NBA salary and his brand endorsement earnings. However, with time the player diversified his sources of earnings. In 2011, LeBron James earned $25 million and his total net worth had crossed the mark of $145 million.

2012 – The year 2012 brought more success for LeBron James. He earned around $27 million and had a net worth of around $172 million by the end of the year.

2013 – In 2013, LeBron James made more than $30 million and his total net worth crossed $200 million mark.

2014 – In 2014, the wealth of LeBron James continued to increase and the player made more than $35 million.

2015 – The year 2015 saw an incredible rise in the earnings and net worth of LeBron James. The player earned more than $40 million and had the net worth of around $275 million.

2016 – LeBron James was the third highest paid athlete in the year 2016. The best player Lebron James made $77.2 million in 2016. Most of these earnings were from brand endorsement deals. The total net worth of LeBron James was estimated to be around $350 million at the end of 2016.

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LeBron James earning history is surely quite impressive. However, the projections for the year 2017 show that it can be the most lucrative year for LeBron James. It would be interesting to see what new heights this incredible athlete reaches in future.

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