Art contests, it is easier said than done. These days finding a suitable art contest to participate is not a challenge. There are many websites that list these contests. Many websites even review these contests and contest organizers. You will need to just find out one such review website to pick contests from reputed organizers. After registering for the contest you have got a lot of work to do. So what does contest participation entail? What should you know and how to go about making the best use of these contests?

Have you read the art contest guidelines? All contests regardless of whether they are paid or free art contests will certainly have their own guidelines. These guidelines are your starting point. Without checking this file or the list of instructions never get started with your work. In case you do not understand any of the terms and conditions, you should not just continue presuming things rather ask for clarification because it will save you from making stupid and careless mistakes.

If you want to be a winning contestant in these art competitions, at one level you should be highly talented and at another level you should follow the submission rules. Many people make mistakes here and you do not want to do the same.

Your organizer will be asking you to submit the files in a certain format. Choose the specified format. You should have the necessary software to submit the files in the required format. How will you know whether you have the required format or not unless you checked the submission guidelines in advance. Many people do not check these details in advance but wait until the last minute. On the night before submission if you learn that you do not have the required software to convert the file to the required format, do you not think that all the work you have done would go wasted and that you will not be able to make a valid submission? Yes, you could avoid all such issues by taking this simple step of understanding the requirements fully even before you start.

Due dates are very crucial too. Do not think that just because it is online submission you could submit the work on any day. Sometimes the organisers will disable the upload link and if you are required to send the files through mail then your submission will be rejected. Make the submissions as per the due date. You will have to set your own deadline two days in before the actual deadlines.

Starting the work as early as possible is important in getting the best results. Last minute work might turn out to be a masterpiece but you will not have time for processing the work correctly. Why take risks when you know the deadlines, is it not sensible to start the work early to give yourself enough time to produce the best artwork for submission? Careful planning is essential to win art contests besides great talent.

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