Fashion blogging is taking the Internet world by storm, at present. One can obtain the best of fashion inspirations and tips learn more about the world trends from just a click on their devices. Many of the women have broken the social norms in the country and are voicing their thoughts and opinions through fashion.

While some of the top fashion bloggers in India are freelancers, some are even college goers or homemakers with kids. These women from different backgrounds are showcasing their love for fashion through these incredible blogs.

How do we know who is the best in India?

Certain parameters factor in this listing. Usually, the following are considered:

  • Quality of content
  • Social media popularity
  • Blog Traffic
  • The frequency of posting and expertise in the same
  • Alexa rank etc.

Who are the top fashion bloggers in India?

This list strives to provide an insight on how one can leverage the internet and influencer marketing domain to promote ones’ brands, thoughts, and works.

  1. Anshita Juneja is indeed one of the top fashion bloggers in India. This Delhi based fashionista is the founder of her popular blog named Vanity No Apologies. She started off as a student while she was completing her business economics degree. Presently she is known for her details reviews on Nail products and lipsticks. She is also known to have guided her audience many times on the products best suited for a skin tone. She has won numerous awards in her field.
  2. There is almost no one who doesn’t know of Sonam Lakhani from, her travel experiences and personal style is just worth following. She’s an adventurous spirit, a fashionista and also does tons of beauty videos on her YouTube channel which you must check out. Her outfits in Seychelles, Italy, Bali, Iceland and all are worth seeing.
  3. The Snob Journal’s Aashna Shroff is a favorite for many. This petite, beautiful, quirky, confident woman makes it to the top fashion bloggers in India list by sheer talent and hard work. She is an entrepreneur herself and has a store which is her flower child, named The Snob Shop.
  4. That Boho Girl is known to all! Kritika Khurana, known for her gypsy soul, presents a stylish yet comfortable fashion statement. She is a fashion graduate who successfully runs her fashion store “The Hype”. She has voiced her love for anything Bohemian yet girly and delicate.
  5. Devina Malhotra is another star in the Indian beauty blogging arena. Her love for writing, shopping and eating out resonates with every girl out there. She writes about curvy women and how nobody should dictate that we all have to be skinny to look good. Her spirit has worked great for many of the brands she has collaborated with. GuiltyBytes is an example of how the women in India are rejecting age-old norms to form their own identity.

How are these influencers different?

These top fashion bloggers in India maintain fashion look-books for inspiration and keep their audience engaged with minimum posts each day. Moreover, they emphasize on health, grooming, better lifestyle, fitness, travel and many more things that come can to use in our daily lives.