• Business loans from Bajaj Finserv give access to immediate funds
  • These loans are collateral-free
  • The loans charge interest only on the amount utilised
  • These loans offer you flexi loan facility

What is common between Washing Machine, Flat Screen Television and beverages? Well there could many similarities but one important aspect is that they all are packed in paperboard containers. There are several categories of such paper board containers like white board, solid board, tetra pack. Normally these containers go unnoticed by us. But once we start looking for them, we understand that we are surrounded by them.

This phenomenon translates in to a huge market for the paper board containers. The containers are used for household electronic items, medical instruments, food and beverages etc. The characteristics like good printing and graphics holding capacity, biodegradable nature and relatively low cost make them highly popular. So if you are into paperboard container manufacturing business you can plan to grow your business. Bajaj Finserv can be your partner in your ambition. Let’s see how business loan help you in taking your paperboard container manufacturing business to the next level.

A High Loan Amount

Be it adding new employees to your existing workforce, buying raw materials or purchasing new equipment for production, working capital loan from Bajaj Finserv covers your business cycle well. You can get a working capital limit up to Rs. 30.00 lakh out of which you can use as much you need and then pay only what you use.

Collateral Free Loans

Another major USP of business loans offered by Bajaj Finserv is they are unsecure. Unlike many lenders, you don’t have to pledge collateral for procuring funds. All you need is a good and healthy credit score to get the limit sanctioned.

Flexi Loan Facility to Meet Unplanned Expenses

The unique feature of the business loans is flexi loan facility. You get a pre-defined loan limit for a certain tenor from where you can withdraw funds as and when required. This facility helps you overcome unplanned expenses that may crop up when you are growing your paperboard container manufacturing business.

Interest Only on Amount Utilised

Unlike term loans, where you need to pay interest on the entire loan amount, our business loans charge interest only the amount you utilise from your approved loan limit. Also in term loan is repaid monthly as both interest and principle. But here on monthly basis you pay interest only and pay the principle at the end of tenor. Thus, you don’t have to worry about high EMIs resulting in high cash outflow every month.

The working capital loan by Bajaj Finserv is an excellent choice for you to meet your daily cash need. Along with the competitive interest rate, the easy of process and market beating qualities should be enough for you to apply for a business loan now.