Special education Singapore is conducted in special education schools which are which are built by ministry of education. They receive at most 80% of their funding from the ministry. The schools are run by voluntary welfare organizations.

The education system in Singapore is among the best in the world. It has evolved over the years, spreading to various areas of need. Earlier on, there were no public schools for children with special needs in Singapore. However, with time, the government came in and built special education schools.

To properly implement special education Singapore, the government put across harsh requirements to parents of children with special needs. This policy was put across to enhance increase in number of children intake in those schools. Earlier on, the intake was about 8 children with special needs as compared to about 43000 children in primary school.

There are over 20 special education schools in Singapore. These schools modify their programs so as to cater for the learning needs of these children with diverse abilities. There are those schools which cater for children with multiple disabilities, other category cater for children with sensory impairment and those which cater for children with autism.

Despite the fact that they are special schools, they offer curriculum similar to that of mainstream primary schools. The children are offered a path to even proceed to secondary school after completion of primary education which is marked by taking primary school leaving examination.

Special education teachers training began as early as 1984. This is the year when the institute of education launched a program which leads to acquisition of certificate in special needs. The program runs for three years for completion. Teachers are instilled with abilities to help identify children with disabilities. They study their behaviors in classroom and outside.

To sum up, special education Singapore has evolved for years spreading all over the country. The governments of Singapore, in conjunction with voluntary welfare organizations have played this big role.

For any parent with a child who may have special needs, consider taking them to special needs schools. Here, your child is given an opportunity to excel with education to other higher levels; secondary and tertiary.