The ceremony of the temple of Alas Kedaton Temple Ceremony in Anggara Kasih Medangsia, ten days following Kuningan Day. As opposed to other temples, the other uniqueness which can be encountered within this temple is throughout the ceremony might not use incense and Kwangen throughout worship. Similarly, the use of Penjor, when the service performed at Dalem Kahyangan Kedaton Temple, we shall not see Penitent as other temple ceremonies in Bali, and that is also something that’s unique. The service ought to be finished before sunset because they aren’t allowed to use the lights as a way of confinement utilizing fire when the service is completed, will be followed by Ngerebeg tradition.

Ngerebeg means to run with spears, Tedung, and some right tree branches. Everybody cheered and cried with joy to follow this ngerebeg tradition. Alas, Kedaton Monkey Forest. Alas, Kedaton Temple found In the forest in which thousands of monkeys live and countless big bats. Monkeys from the Kedaton forest are extremely friendly and quite close to the visitors because they always feed them with nuts along with other snacks. The caution should nevertheless be taken care of even though the monkeys are extremely friendly, but sometimes they are also able to attack when they feel disturbed. Alas, Kedaton Holy Monkey forest is among the famed monkey forests in Bali island. Tourism. Alas, Kedaton is very famous traveler destination in Bali, particularly in Tabanan. This area is going to be visited by many tourists both local and international, especially on public holidays.