An anniversary is a special day for the couple, as it is a once in a year celebration of a moment when they joined hands as a couple. The celebration of that special moment needs to be unique and what is better than gifting your partner a beautiful floral bouquet. Fall in love once again as you present with a flower bouquet. Flower delivery in Gurgaon presents a few special bouquets that can multiply the joy of your anniversary day many folds.

Celebrate your romance with flower bouquets

Giving your partner either with a passion filled embrace of a rose bouquet or with the soothing calmness of a bouquet of white carnations, flowers are always a delight to the receiver. So, celebrate your anniversary and spice up your life with these gorgeous flower bouquets.

Bright red roses

Red is the colour that embodies love and passion. There is no better flower to celebrate the romance than a bouquet of red roses. You can choose from a million different ways for giving the flowers as a bouquet or arrange them in the shape of a wreath to adore your lover with it. Roses are the best thing to ignite the flame of love and passion in your partner.

Purple orchids

Purple is the representation of regality and sophistication, the two attributes that can be seen as parallel to love and passion. This is the most excellent way to express the subliminal sophistication of your love towards each other on this special day.  

White Carnations

Carnations have been regarded as the flowers of the gods, representing virtue, good fortune, and purity. A bouquet of these flowers is genuinely the most beautiful gift to give or receive on the day of the anniversary.

Pink Lilies

Pink is the colour that symbolises the virtue of innocence and purity in every couple’s love life. Getting a massive bouquet of pink lilies will be the perfect way to show purity and innocence. It doesn’t matter which anniversary it is, and it can be your first or your 25th, just be sure that a bouquet of exquisite pink lilies will without a doubt be a joy to present to your lover.

Romance is the glamour that turns the dull everyday life into something worth living and cherishing. So gift your partner with a big bouquet of flowers and make their day even better. You can also surprise your partner by delivering the flowers to their workplace.