Control of indoor pollutants and unpleasant odor can be the highly challenging task for not only the homeowners but companies and industries also. Even it is quite easier for the homeowners to get rid of the distasteful smell. They can open up the windows to let the poor quality air and bad odor out of the room. Further, large numbers of common household odor control products are available in the market such as room air fresheners, air sanitizers, dry deodorants, odor digestors, liquid deodorants, and air neutralizers.

The household and commercial odor control products eliminate the offensive odors and create the pleasing fragrance in home and office interior allowing people to breathe fresh air. But the problem occurs in eliminating the unpleasant odor from the industrial areas where these small fresheners did not work.

Industrial areas and waste water treatment plants are the major sources of strong odor that are potentially harmful to the health of people as well as the surrounding environment. The dangerous pollutants can cause biggest threats if not processed properly.

Odor control for sewage treatment plant

In the sewage treatment plant, the combination of Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, Mercaptans, and other harmful gases and chemicals creates unpleasant odor. The quality odor control systems are required to neutralize or remove the sewage odor related with large areas such as lagoons and tanks.

Sewage treatment plant (STP) creates extensive amount of odor because of intolerable rotten egg gas known as H2S that is generated usually from the waste. These created gases reach inside the operation building creating the lots of odor. This results in the high smell in the closer area making the nearby residential and commercial space to deal with the bad smell.

The STP unpleasant odor can be found in various areas such as hospitals, hotels, commercial complexes, and residential apartments. There are some companies that are providing the odor control products and solutions for STP protecting workers from the exposure of harmful or toxic gases and enhance the durability of infrastructure. Solutions for odor control for sewage treatment plant prevent the spread of bad odor and create the healthier environment.

Odor control for pump station

In the wastewater pump station, with the increase in the water level before the starting of pumping cycle, odorous air gets move. H2S odorous compound is present at around 100ppm concentrations and sometimes higher than it creating the biggest threat for nearby people. The highly effective technologies and products are required to ensure complete Odor control for pump station and elimination of odor trouble.

Biological scrubbers, soil bed filters, and carbon beds are some of the technologies that are needed to lessen the problem. The odor control filters are available in wide range of sizes and treatment capacity. The quality products detain and make safe the smell by changing the molecular structure of the gases and releasing the clean air again into the atmosphere.

The today’s market is filled with various types of odor control filters that can be used in various areas to solve the biggest problem. One can get it for light industrial and commercial applications at the reasonable price.