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Nowadays, you can buy anything online. There are websites selling cars, furniture, electronics, properties, clothing, fitness accessories, hospitality services and even food online. These websites are known as e-commerce sites. Examples of popular e-commerce sites are Amazon, eBay and TheFork. On these sites, you can buy whichever products or services that you desire.  To make the shopping experience more enjoyable, there are resources known as coupons. These help you to buy items at discounted prices. The top location to find coupons in Italy is Weglo.it. Here is more about it.

Discover Weglo.it

Developed in 2016 by a group of IT technicians, Weglo.it is a website where you can find a wide variety of Codice sconto that you can use for online shopping. More than 40,000 shops have presence in this website. The coupons and offers are free to use. You do not have to register at all so as to utilize them. The site is managed by a capable team of experts. Their main objective is to ensure that you get a good experience while shopping in this site.

They assess every offer or coupon to ensure that it is legitimate. In addition to that, they maintain the site and keep it updated with the latest coupons that are submitted by member shops and e-commerce sites. An example of one that has some presence in Weglo.it. is The Fork. Here is more about this shop.

What is The Fork?

This is an online platform that can help you to search for clubs or restaurants in your city. A simple search of your city will reveal the hotspots and eateries that are available for the night. To help you get more information about these places, Thefork has a facility where you can read reviews about your favorite eating spots. In addition to that, you can check the menu to see if your favorite foods are available. To use this platform, you need to create a profile. After doing so, you can proceed to use it as often as possible so as to accumulate yums, loyalty points and enjoy discounts. There are a number of coupons in Weglo.it that you can use in The Fork. They include:

1.Coupon to enjoy a 50% discount on meals in Roman restaurants
2.Offer to enjoy 50% discount on all meals that you order through The Fork
3.Coupon to enjoy 50% discount on all meals ordered through The Fork on Tuesdays
4.Offer giving you a 50% discount on the meals that you order in Milanese restaurants
5.Get 50% off in Roman restaurants with The Fork coupon


The Fork is an online platform where you can book meals in restaurants and cafes in Italy. It is currently expanding to include locations that are outside the country too. The Fork currently has more than 34,000 locations. They include restaurants, bistros, pizzerias and cafes. Within Thefork, you can find photos, menus and prices of all the dishes available in these eating spots. In edition to that, you can read through opinions of spots that are posted by people who have been to these spots. In this way, you can pick the most ideal eating spot for you. Using the Codice sconto available in Weglo.it, you can get these meals and dishes at discounted prices.

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