Many businesses and households frequently choose either off-grid or a grid-connected system, when it comes to choosing a Solar Power Solution. But most of them are unaware of the third alternative, which is a hybrid solar power system. This method combines the best of both worlds – the convenience of a grid-connected system, which includes the ability to earn Feed-In Tariff credits along with extra peace of mind of a battery backup. Which means, you still have electricity during a power blackout. In a laymen term, it is a hybrid inverter solar system.

Hybrid Solar Power Systems

As the name suggests, a Hybrid Solar System integrates the advantages of both off-grid and grid-tied system. It is quickly becoming a standard across the commercial and residential and installations, as the method enable you to maintain your grid-connectivity. However, the power consumed by it will rarely be in use. With this solar system, you are connected to the grid as well as you have batteries to store electricity.

The hybrid solar solutions supply continuous power by combining AC utility, battery power source and solar modules. It is equally suitable for locations where the captive power consumption is less than the generated energy.

SaveGeo – one of the fastest growing solar solution providers in India offers a hybrid solar solution that is cost-effective, independent and most of all reliable with minimal maintenance and operation and costs.

How Hybrid Solar Power Systems works?

As said earlier, to supply continuous power the solar system combines solar modules, AC utility, and battery power source. These results in powering your home as well as charging batteries during the day. Later allowing you to draw-off those batteries to cover your night time usage. Wondering how this works?

The solar energy received to the solar panels, convert the energy into DC electricity, which is later converted to AC current by solar inverters. For instance, to power your home, the main switchboard takes the AC from the inverter and with the help of a battery inverter any surplus power sent back to the battery storage. The capability to transmit the surplus power to the utility grid makes it different from the off-grid. Therefore, hybrid solar power system combines the best of both on-grid and off-grid, as it is the property of the grid-tied system.

Hence, instead of feeding the stored energy back into the grid, hybrid solar power system delivers the flexibility of being able to conserve the electricity you generate during the day by combining energy storage with a grid connection. Later, the stored energy can subsequently use in the evening.

To fulfil the energy needs by leveraging the power of hybrid solar power systems, the SaveGeo’s team of experts first identifies the most suitable and cost-effective resources available, after the survey of your location. Once the detailed feasibility analysis is carried out, the bespoke hybrid solutions of the company optimize fuel savings and deliver the most suitable hybrid solar solution backed by their innovative financing, monitoring, and O & M expertise. Also, the hybrid solar solutions offered by them are exemplary and comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) delivery.