A Great Workout


More than ever, it is important to have a great workout. Actually, for overall fitness it is not possible to do this by diet alone. Apart from keeping you in tip top shape, there are numerous health benefits that can be acquired.

Aids Weight Loss

One of the main reasons a workout works it because it is set to accompany a current nutritious diet. With this combination, it is possible to lose weight and maintain this at a level you are comfortable with. The diet side will help to lose the weight and the working out side will tone the muscles and help burn the calories you consume.

Illness Prevention

Common illnesses and diseases may also be reduced, from the common cold to heart disease, working out has been shown to help with them all. So, only 30 minutes per day of regular mid intensity exercise can help overcome these ailments.

The list is nearly endless for the health benefits you gain from exercising, with many seniors seeing the benefit also. Additionally, muscle tissue is increased along with bone strength, so now being frail could be a thing of the past, with regular, daily attention.

More Great News 

Many individuals will have more confidence in the fact that they do not have to support themselves so much when being mobile, and the risks of falling and causing injury are vastly reduced. Heart disease ‘related causes’ can also be reduced, from high blood pressure to diabetes, high cholesterol and strokes; essentially all these risks can be reduced. Remember, the heart is a muscle just like any other, the more it is exercised, the stronger it will become.

Stress and Depression Reduction

Are you feeling a little stressed? exercise can help there too, and during your exercise period endorphins are released which supply the brain with a happy feel-good feeling. So, the effects can last up to 12 hours per day. Working out has also been used in therapy sessions to help overcome depression and anxiety. After a short period of working out, you will find you are generally happier in yourself. Maybe now you will start to feel good about your appearance which boosts self-esteem and overall confidence, not only do you feel confident in yourself, but this will carry over into everyday life situations.

Energy Levels Increased

Energy levels get a much-needed boost. Actually, many people once thought exercises would make you tired, when in fact it has the opposite effect on the body. This is due to chemicals that are released that tell the brain it is not tired. Essentially, now both stamina and endurance will be increased. The grocery trips or climbing stairs will now become a breeze rather than causing shortness of breath and a racing heartbeat.

Sleep is Improved

Sleeping patterns and quality of sleep are drastically improved; no longer will you be restless, and your sleep should be much deeper, allowing it to be more beneficial to the body and the brain. One thing to consider though is, exercising too close to bedtime will cause you not to be able to sleep. So, at least 3-4 hours should be the time between exercise and your normal sleeping time.


Maria Banfield is a guest blogger and fitness lover. She enjoys contributing to websites that help individuals to grow. She has been a writer for many top websites and loves researching topics. She currently writes for the leading website Fitandheal.com