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Professional Treatment In Singapore STD Clinic


STD stands for sexually transmitted diseases which happen when micro-organisms from one’s body are transmitted to the body of other person through unprotected sex. STD is like a curse of the modern society and so, Singapore is not exempt from it. Singapore is indeed one of the favorite cities to live in but the rate of STD in Singapore is increasing rapidly from the past years due to the less knowledge provided to the people related to it. STDs are more dangerous than the common people think. The unprotected sexual contact takes a person to hell. STD treatment clinic in Singapore has doctors that are specially and ultimately focusing on Sexually transmitted diseases, diagnosis and their treatment.


The common STDs to be diagnosed in Singapore are Genital herpes, Gonorrhea, HIV infection, Syphilis, Chlamydia and HPV infection.


In this disease, at the point where sexual contact is made, blisters and ulcers starts to grow.


When this disease begins to grow, the person gets a thick yellow discharge and urinating is accompanied with immense pain.

HIV infection

After a week or two of this disease, the acute symptoms of HIV infection begin to grow and the persons suffers from fever. Headache, night sweats, rashes and joint pain etc.


This disease comes with chancre and ulcers which takes place at the area of sexual contact.


Chlamydia is the disease in which a person gets a grey to green discharge.


After 3 to 6 months of this disease, genital warts start growing at the points of sexual contact. The female cervix has high chances of getting cancer.

In Singapore, many steps are being made to fight STDs and get a control over them. STD treatment clinic is always actives to begin with the treatment as soon the disease is diagnosed. Every STD case is reported to the Minister of Health for keeping up the record. The country has active and fast responding clinics and hospitals to fight diseases strongly. Furthermore, knowledge based programs about Sexually Transmitted Diseases are also being raised to give people the knowledge they are lacking.