Choosing the right company to provide chimney services isn’t easy for most homeowners since the service is handled on an annual basis only. When the professional isn’t one that you normally use, it is easy to hire the wrong company and as the result, experience less than thorough services or work from a company that charges far too much money for their work. Rather than risk hiring the wrong chimney services company, make sure to ask the right questions that help you sort through the bad and find the best. What type of questions should you ask the company before you hire?

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Choose an experienced company for chimney services and add assurance that the job is completed the right way. Experienced companies have a reputation to maintain. Plus, they hold the secrets of the trade that make it easier to provide efficient services.

What’s the Cost of Services?

Request an estimate to learn the costs of the job before hiring. Estimates are available at no cost and simplify the process of finding the best costs for chimney cleaning services. Any worthwhile company will keep their prices moderate so debt isn’t encountered after the work is finished.

Is an Inspection Included?

Many chimney service companies provide an inspection when they come out to clean, but this isn’t true in every case. Ask if the inspection is included or if it costs extra when choosing the best company for the job. A chimney inspection can detect problems before they became a major issue and prevent a lackluster job performance.


How Will You Clean My Chimney?

Chimney cleaning companies have several cleaning techniques which they may use to service your chimney. Before you hire, ask for more information about their particular cleaning technique, including the costs. Some companies may use more than one cleaning technique, giving you the chance to choose the cleaning technique you fancy the most.


Do You Have References?

References help you gain valuable insight about the company if you use them for what they’re worth. Ask for references before you hire and be sure to check with them by telephone, text, or email, asking questions concerning their knowledge and experience with the company. Any worthwhile chimney services company can provide three to four references upon request so do not be shy and ask for and learn what people with firsthand experience working with the company say. You might be surprised to learn what these people say!


Questioning a Local Chimney Service Company will Save you Time and Money

When you need answers, ask questions! Your hard-earned money, safety, and many other factors are at stake, after all. You owe it to yourself to find a company that puts your concerns first. The questions above are some of the most important to ask a chimney services company like Trinity Chimney Service before you hire. Make a list of questions that you want to be answered and include those above on that list. With these answers, it is easy to hire an expert who will serve your needs and exceed expectations.