In this article, we’ll have a comparison of the old sewing machines with the new electric sewing machines. But before we start the comparison, we should know a bit of history of the sewing machine also. So, here below in this article, we’ve also discusses the history of the sewing machines in brief as well.

Sewing machine was first invented in the 18th Century. Initially, it was very basic and none of the complicated tasks that we perform on the sewing machines today, would perform on those machines that were introduced initially. The invention of electric sewing machines comes in the late 20th century with the popularity of electricity all over the world.

Old Sewing Machines

Let’s talk about the old sewing machines first. Here by Old Sewing machines, we mean the manual sewing machines to rotate which we completely need to make use of our man power. As we all know, there is the main rotating wheel in all of the sewing machines which makes all the parts of machines working together with the right sync.

In the old type of sewing machines, we were provided a handle to rotate that handle ourselves. As long as we’ll keep on rotating the handle, the machine keep on working. Owing to this, working for a very long time on the sewing machine wasn’t possible. The reason behind this is being human we get tired after sometime and aren’t able to rotate the sewing machine for a very long time.

The old sewing machine were also a single type machines. This means, we were able to perform only a simple single parallel stiches in one go. If we have to make special kind of stiches on the clothes using these sewing machines, then we’ve to keep on rotating, moving and adjusting the cloth ourselves manually.

Thus, in short if we say, old sewing machines were not that effective and consumes a lot man power and make us tired. But still they were better than hand sticking.

Modern Electric Sewing Machines

The revolution begins when the modern electric sewing machines came into the existence. In the electric sewing machines, we need not the rotate the sewing machine with the handle and hand. We can just press the pedal and then the electricity rotates the motor which further rotates the machine parts.

More than all this electric sewing machine can perform various kind of stitching actions in various patterns. Electric Sewing machines can be used for a very long time as we need not to keep on rotating the handle of the machine with our hands. Electricity and the motor does this work for us in the modern electric sewing machines. You can find Usha silai machine price list here also.

Electric Sewing machines as also more durable. Now, portable electric sewing machines are also available in the market with works on batteries and can be taken anywhere we go. They are light in weight and are able to perform the stitching tasks that we need to do in our day to day life.