In the present era, fibreglass reinforced plastic or glass fibre has brought a 360-degree change in the industrial sector. Within a very short time, the composite material has gained wide popularity. The prime reason behind its popularity is that the composite has diverse applications in different sectors.

Apart from the commercial sectors, the constructional field has been changed greatly with the introduction of this material. In these days, architects and the constructors are using FRP products and access system to make the framework of any building construction strong. The best things about these structures are that they are resistant to damageable chemicals, acids, and moisture and they are adjustable and can be available in different shapes and sizes. Besides, the FRP access systems are customized which means, they can be designed as per the requirements of the customers like you.

FRP Non-Slip Access Systems to Make Workstations Safe

Accidents or mishaps are pretty common matters in the workplaces. Employees or visitors often face severe accidents while accessing the stairs or walking on the slippery platform in the workstations. Now if your employee faces accidents while working in the office, they may blame you for the mishaps as you are the owner of the industry. So, as an industrialist, it is your duty to make the office building with all the safety measures so that the building does not bring accidents.

To avoid this situation, there is nothing better than installing the GRP access system which includes,

  • Grating
  • Handrails
  • Ladders

These are the products and structure which can be included in this system.

1)    Grating

Grating, made of glass fibre is designed such a way so that this structure can be installed in a multitude of environments where the anti-slip solution is needed.  When it comes to the safety of the office building, the composite grating structure can be installed on the concrete made the floor, staircases as stair treads and so on. Industries are the areas where you come across the severe usage of chemicals and acids. When the chemicals and acids fall on the concrete floor, they make the floor slippy. This causes accidents.

If you install non-slip grating structure, it can protect the floor from getting damaged and prevents the users from falling.

2)    Handrails

GRP handrails play a vital role in making the stair area safe. Handrails act as the wall. It provides support to the climbers. By installing strong GRP handrail solution, you may provide your employees with a safe working environment.

3)    Access Ladders

The ladder is one of the most useful tools, used in the industries. GRP ladders come with multiple numbers of advantages like, anti-corrosive, strong, durable, light weighted and customizable. If you install fibreglass ladders in your industries, you may ensure safety as FRP ladder is strong and the employees can use this tool safely.

With the following information, you may realize how you may ensure safety in the workplace.  To get the quality product, contact a reputed fibreglass manufacturer and supplier that offers standard quality products at affordable rate. Choose the company wisely.