The Gnocchi Maker, made by Cocozza Bari – Pasta Machines is an Italian device used to make potato gnocchi filled with stuffing. The Gnocchi Machines from Cocozza Bari are complete devices that also have tools for adjusting the size and grooving of the gnocchi it produces. The shaping units are completely adjustable by replacing specific parts of the system, allowing you to change the shape of the gnocchi in a few seconds, allowing you to add huge variety to your product. The product is also automatically floured, and all parts of the device that comes in contact with food are made with safe materials that will never corrode and can be fully dismantled for an easy cleaning. Additionally, all moving parts in the gnocchi machines are made with ferrules and self-lubricating supports. The machine is equipped with 3 trays to catch the pasta when they are finished being produced. Other features ensure that the gnocchi machine is very easy and safe to operate. Finally, all gnocchi maker machines by Cocozza Bari are tested thoroughly and constructed safety that ensures that the devices are practical, easy and safe to use.

Available Models

The Cocozza Bari – Pasta Machine Gnocci Machine is available in 3 models. The first model, the GN/2 has 2 holes, a gnocchi size regulator, an interchangeable gnocchi shaping unit, and a 60/80 kg hourly production. The next model, the GN/4 has 4 holes, a gnocchi shaping unit, a 140 kg hourly production, a ridge maker, and an electronic cut adjustment tool. Finally, the GN/6 has 6 holes, a gnocchi size regulator, an optional replaceable gnocchi shaping unit, and an approximate 160/200 Kg hourly production.

Why Buy From Cocozza Bari – Pasta Machines?

Cocozza Bari – Pasta Machines is a reliable company, that makes all their gnocchi machines in Italy. The company has over 30 years of experience, and they specialize in the production of both fresh and dry pasta machines. They make both automatic and semi-automatic machine divided into a large range of sizes, uses, and styles. Additionally, the company is willing to assist you to the best of their ability to ensure you will get the best pasta maker for your money. Also, Cocozza Bari – Pasta Machines has a developed technical assistance team that will immediately provide support to make sure your machines will always be working without having to halt production.