Placing a fence around your pool gives you peace of mind that your children and pets are safe. The fence provides a barrier that ensures your children or pets do not get into the pool unsupervised. You will be able to prevent accidental drowning this way. There is a wide variety of fencing options that will offer you the ideal fencing solutions for your pool area. Your choice will depend on your preferences, budget and overall design.

Using frameless glass is one option that you can use. This option is ideal for commercial and residential pool areas. The frameless glass fence is made up of secured glass panels held in place on the ground without any framing or visible joints. It is a great option that allows seamless flow of the outdoor space. You will enjoy the following when you have experts from Fence Master Company install it:

  • Enhanced security

With glass fencing for your pool area, you will have better visibility of the pool areas at all times. You will be able to see what is going on in the pool area. If you have guests or people using the pool, you can easily keep an eye on them as well.  You have the ability to react fast as you will notice any person in distress sooner.

  • Offers pool area an elegant and pleasant look

Glass is elegant to look at. Your pool area will have a more pleasant look as glass does not distort the look of the outdoor space in any way. Other fencing options have a solid look that would break up the look of the outdoor space. Glass has a more fluid appearance that blends better with your garden for a more pleasant look. The see-through nature of glass means you do not add colour or any other distortion to the garden.

  • Different ways of installation for better effect

Glass fencing is not boring. You can get an interesting effect depending on how the installation of the glass is done. Because it does not require framing, you will have more freedom as to how you want it to appear. The experts can give it a floating effect or alternatively use slots on the ground to make it look like the glass is materializing from the ground. This flexibility makes this a fun way to fence your pool.

  • Durability

Glass meant for fencing is durable. It can withstand extreme temperature changes due to its design. It does not shrink or expand with extreme heat or cold brought about by weather change. You should therefore not expect it to crack or shatter easily. You will have it enclosing your pool for a long time before you need to replace or repair it.

  • Minimal maintenance

Glass requires minimal maintenance. The occasional wiping with approved cleaning products keeps the glass looking good all year round. You do not have to worry about rusting or other corrosion that occurs with other fencing options that you may choose.


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