The basic necessities of anyone’s life are food, shelter, and clothing! An average social animal cannot live in absence of one or more of these necessities.  However, the most important thing that connects these things together is Love! It is the love of the parents, family, and friends which makes a house into a home.

Basically, houses are built using bricks and concrete, but it is the unconditional love that turns it into a familiar environment and comfortable place to live in! You must have dreamed of building houses which comes out from the imagination while others would be thinking “how can I sell my house fast for cash?”. However, selling your house can take a few days or a few months depending upon many various reasons!

Moreover, there are certain houses which are far more luxurious and expensive than others. Let’s take a look at some of these magnificent houses which you can only dream of living in!

Fleur De Lys, Los Angeles, California

This house which is located in California took 6 years to complete and is worth $125 million! Fleur De Lys features 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a ballroom, gym for fitness freaks, a pool house, a racing track, and a tennis court for entertainment purposes! This luxurious home is spread in over 5 acres and was commissioned in 1996! This house is sold for $102 million in 2014!

Hala Ranch, Aspen, Colorado

Hala Ranch which is situated in Colorado was built by a Saudi Prince, Bin Sultan in 1991. This spectacular estate is spread over 95 acres of land and is the 3rd most expensive house in the United States to date! This mansion offers 15 bedrooms with patios! The entire house is built using timer beams and stone columns and the interiors are made of mahogany wood. Hala Ranch has an estimated worth of whopping $135 million!

Antilla, Mumbai, India

This magnificent house is owned by one of the richest in India and world’s 5th richest man on earth i.e Mukesh Ambani. Antilla is a 27 storey skyscraper which is located in downtown Mumbai. It cost Mukesh Ambani a whopping price of $2 billion to built this home.

Maison de L’Amitie, Palm Beach, Florida

It is every person’s dream of having a sea-faced beach house! Isn’t it? If yes, then you are surely going to love this mansion which is located near the beach in Florida. This house has about 50 car garages and is not only huge but beautiful as well! It is spread over 50,000 square feet and is estimated to be worth $150 million!

Elena Franchuk’s Victorian Villa, Kensington, London

This villa is owned by Elena Franchuk, she is a businesswoman, a socialist, and a daughter of Ukrainian president, Leonid Kuchma. It is located in the Southern region of London which makes it expensive than others. This 5-storey building comes equipped with a swimming pool, a panic room, and a sauna cum gym! This awesome villa is estimated to be worth $161 million.

Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills

Hearst is not a mansion its a castle and is one of the oldest buildings in this list! This castle is owned by a media typhoon known as William Randolph. Hearst mansion was designed by Julia Morgan and has become one of the most historic places in California. Tourists can actually visit this palace after paying a certain amount of entry fees. Hearst mansion consists of 29 bedrooms, a pool, nightclub, theater, and much more. It is estimated to be worth $190 million!