When you are planning on remodelling your bathroom and in need of a new shower cubicle, you will find a wide range of options for doors. The choices you have usually include sliding doors, pivot doors, and bi-fold doors.

One of the best options is a sliding door. It is a glass enclosure made up of at least one panel that slides open and closed. The doors either simply slide in tracks, or have rollers to support the movement. Sliding doors are used both on stand-alone showers, and shower doors that are mounted on a bathtub in bath-shower combo. Below are the benefits of choosing a sliding door for your shower.

  1. Space-saving design. One of the greatest advantages of a sliding door is that it can fit in small spaces. This is because the door opens and closes by sliding to the side, unlike other types of shower doors that swing out. Having an enclosure with a sliding door means that you do not need to worry about the door hitting anything when you open it.
  2. Easy to clean. There are other types of shower doors that need extra effort to clean, because the process requires you to continually step in and out of the shower. Sliding shower doors shorten the amount of time that you spend cleaning your bathroom. You simply slide the doors to open, then spray and wipe, and then push to close when you’re done.
  3. Prevents water from spilling. Sliding shower doors keep you from constantly having to mop the bathroom floor after taking a shower. They also provide you with safety, as they are an effective solution for ensuring that water stays in your shower. This prevents you from slipping and injuring yourself because of a wet floor.
  4. Available in various designs. Sliding shower doors offer a wide selection of designs, from semi frameless to fully frameless to the newest sleek framed models. Also, you can get sliding doors that are flat which slide straight across, or curved, which can be used in corner showers. On top of this, you have a vast choice of glass you can use in your door. You can choose from coloured glass, frosted glass, or etched or painted glass with a customised design.

While shower doors contribute greatly to the overall appearance of your bathroom, they also have an effect on its function. Therefore, it is important that you learn about the benefits of each and every option. Whether you opt for a sliding shower door or a different type, it will surely add dramatic results to your bathroom.