Realizing that home maintenance is a crucial thing to keep in check is important. Not paying attention to small things, such as faucets, wires etc., at the right time can lead to dangerous situations. Ignoring home maintenance could mean putting your family’s life in danger along with your home’s structural integrity.

Home maintenance is as important as beautifying your home, opine experts at Modi Builders. Following are some of the tips you should keep a check on:

  • Plumbing

    Pipes and drains usually clog due to accumulation of fats and dirt over time. It is important to rush down hot water through the pipes in order get rid of it. Mix the water with a strong dishwashing liquid for even better results.
    Another problem that usually happens is accumulation of hair. Make sure you remove all the hair after you comb, wash or straighten your hair.

  • Air conditioning

    One of the heaviest appliances when it comes to power usage, it is important to maintain them. Overlooking their maintenance can lead to costly repairs later. Keeping a check on the condensation pipe to make sure that water is freely flowing through along with cleaning the screen of your AC makes it efficient and energy savvy. According to industry experts at Modi Builders, maintenance costs of an AC goes down if it is done regularly.

  • Water heaters

    How would you feel if you get cold water even after switching on the heater for half an hour? This is something you can totally avoid if you pay attention to maintaining your water heaters. The sediments suspended in water slowly settle down on the bottom surface of the heater. It is recommended to drain the water and clean it from the inside at least once a year.

  • Refrigerator

    Door seals of a refrigerator are not just a method to close the doors. They play a major role in reducing the amount of energy it takes. The better they close, the lesser your refrigerator spend energy in keeping the food cold.
    Put a Rs 100 note and close the door to check the seals. If you are not able to pull it out smoothly, the seals are just working fine.

  • Roof

    Damaged roofs can be a very big problem. Check your roofs periodically for any kind of damage including discolouration, water damage, leaking or more. According to experts at Modi Builders, shingles surrounding skylights, chandeliers, chimneys, etc., should be paid special attention to.

Making a note of all the above points helps keep home maintenance under check. If done periodically, you can easily save truckloads of money that you might have to use in case you don’t pay attention at the right time.